National Australia Bank reaps dividends with Ecosave Energy Saving Initiatives

NAB has been operating on a carbon neutral basis since 1 July 2010.

This followed a three year journey after NAB announced their commitment to become Carbon Neutral during March 2007. 

NAB first undertook a series of Energy Efficiency Opportunity assessments in 2007 – 2008 with Ecosave. 

Following this Ecosave completed energy savings projects in 210 bank retail branches and business centres and 12 commercial office buildings in Melbourne and Sydney CBDs, suburban and rural areas in VIC, NSW, QLD, and WA.

NAB has achieved annual reductions of 23% in energy consumption and 23% in greenhouse gas emissions through Ecosave’s energy savings projects since 2008

In the cases where NAB is simply the building tenant, they have worked with the building owners to implement energy and water conservation measures in both their tenancy spaces and across the base building areas.   An excellent example of this is the building they lease at 197 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills, NSW.

After implementation of the solutions we assessed and designed, we were able to measure a 29% reduction in the energy consumption across the whole building.  And these savings were achieved with only a 2.4 year payback.  This result was a 25% improvement over the savings we guaranteed in our initial proposal.


  • Modifying Building Management System (BMS) control strategies
  • Chiller Controls
  • Recommissioning economy cycles
  • Light fitting refurbishments, replacements and re-lamping

Ecosave assisted NAB achieve their sustainability targets and become winners in the 2012 Premier’s Sustainability Awards



Summary of results




5.4 Years

7,685 tonnes