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Quality advice and innovation in Energy Advisory services

Since 2002, Ecosave have been the trusted energy advisory ESCO for hundreds of leading organisations in Australia, New Zealand and United States. The foundation of our success has been our consultative and client-centric approach to our tailored solutions under fixed-fee, performance-based, guaranteed-savings arrangements.

Ecosave’s commitment to guaranteed savings across all performance-based efficiency projects, stems from our precision methodology, engineering expertise and consultative process developed over 15 years for hundreds of clients across thousands of facilities.

A range of professional services that’s typically integrated into our performance-based efficiency projects, are available to new and existing clients
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Introducing Ecosave Energy Advisory

Our team of energy advisers and solution architects are experienced in working with clients to develop a framework for energy management and sustainability planning, identify energy efficiency opportunities, recommend specific energy conservation measures (ECMs) and business case justification for efficiency retrofit upgrade projects.

Our energy advisory engagements are fixed-fee services, tailored to suit your requirements.

This may include: consultations, site assessments and discovery workshops with the view to map out requirements analysis and/or outline functional specification and design parameters for inclusion in efficiency retrofit upgrade project proposals.

As a key deliverable, our engineers may create a formal report including a detailed plan or scope of recommended energy and water conservation measures.

As an addendum to the report, for your consideration, we will attach a fixed-price proposal for Ecosave to implement a guaranteed energy savings project in line with the recommendations provided.

What makes Ecosave Energy Advisory unique, is our ability to implement our recommendations in addition to our 15 year track record of delivering guaranteed energy savings.

A cornerstone service that provides clients assurance of savings is our Measurement & Verification (M&V) service. M&V can be offered to clients of Ecosave Energy Advisory as a stand-alone engagement. M&V is conducted according to the IPMVP standard and we can offer an unbiased and independent verification to validate the efficacy of any pre-existing ECMs, or to establish baseline performance prior to any works being carried out.

How Ecosave Energy Advisory engages with clients

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