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Energy Management Services

Complete Energy Management Solutions

For complete energy management services and solutions, look no further than Ecosave.

For more than 15 years, Ecosave has been the trusted energy savings partner for hundreds of large energy users.  We’ve developed a suite of professional energy management services to ensure our clients receive maximum and ongoing benefits of energy conservation measures.

We take a holistic and long term approach to energy efficiency and sustainability. That’s why we provide new and existing clients with a packaged solution of energy management services.

Our team of qualified experts and energy and water efficiency specialists can help you save money and resources.

With our end to end service, engineering expertise and powerful tools, we can remotely monitor your energy usage, manage and verify your utility bills and help find and negotiate the best possible energy contract rates on your behalf.

Our service solutions are developed to match your needs and budget. Each client is allocated a dedicated energy manager that partners with your team to optimise building performance, reduce energy costs and save precious resources.

Building Analytics & Energy Management Reporting

Ecosave Watch---Energy Analytics---Data-Driven Energy Management

Ecosave Watch is our data driven energy management solution. This powerful building analytics platform was developed to connect to any existing Building Management System and be configured with custom rules and alerts to report vital information about your energy usage. Our energy management team analyses the data and provides you with regular reports including device-level recommendations to maximise energy efficiency and optimise building performance.


Utility Bill Management & Validation


We verify your energy use, fees, charges (including tariff analysis) and streamline the administration of your utility bills.


Energy Procurement

energy procurement ecosave

We can help you find and formalise the best value for money energy contract. Unlike most energy brokers, Ecosave does not receive any commissions or kickbacks from energy retailers, ensuring you get the best electricity or gas rates.


To find out more about Ecosave’s Energy Management Services, please call 1300 55 77 64 or send us a message online. Contact us

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