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Energy Advisory

Ecosave Advisory are independent consultants that engage executives and sustainability managers to help build business case justification for potential energy saving projects and provide expert advice on best practice implementation of energy efficiency projects....

Get detailed Energy Assessments, Energy Audits and feasibility studies on energy efficiency opportunities in your organisation.
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Energy Efficiency

Ecosave Efficiency takes a holistic approach to energy / water efficiency conservation measures and develops fixed-priced proposals for end-to-end solutions for large energy using organisations. Our performance-based approach is a low risk path to achieving your sustainability goals...
Get Guaranteed Energy Savings through Ecosave Efficiency. End-to-end ECM solution design, installation, commissioning and M&V.

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Energy Management

Ecosave Watch is a comprehensive suite of energy management services for large organisations. Tap into a powerful energy analytics platform, executive sustainability reports on energy utilisation and sustainability benchmarks, including a facilities management or energy asset maintenance program...
Get ongoing energy performance management and continuous efficiency improvement of your buildings and facilities.

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Our experience, proven track record and performance-based approach means we are the least risk and quickest time to effective implementation choice for your next energy efficiency and sustainability project


Get guaranteed energy & water savings for your organisation

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Save Money & Save Resources with Energy Efficiency

At Ecosave, we believe energy efficiency and security of energy supply is now more important than ever, given the current energy crisis of spiralling energy prices and ongoing concerns about supply shortages and blackouts.

That is why as Australia’s Largest Independent Energy Services Company (ESCO), we uniquely offer a full suite of fixed priced services in water efficiency and energy efficiency services to help large energy using organisations (government and commercial) save money, save resources and achieve their sustainability and security objectives through best practice energy savings projects.

Ecosave offers clients a low risk path to achieving their sustainability objectives due to our more than 15 years of experience working with Tier 1 clients , offering fixed price end-to-end servicing and implementing Energy Performance Contracting and Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects™. We help organisations focus on their core business by providing a full suite of end-to-end energy efficiency services and sustainability management solutions. We take a holistic approach to energy efficiency and energy conservation measures in your organisation including electrical and mechanical engineering upgrades and optimisation techniques to plant and equipment (including: LED Lighting, HVAC, chillers, boilers, motors, controls, sensors, Solar PV, co-generation, tri-generation, building insulation / building sealing; water amenities, pumping and treatment)……More

Our energy efficiency services and sustainability solutions include:

  • Independent energy consulting and energy advisory services
  • Design & implementation of best practice energy savings projects including Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (GESP)™, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and fully funded (off-balance sheet) cash flow positive Ecosave Service Agreements (ESA);
  • Ongoing data driven energy management, sustainability management and facility management services.


Case Studies: Best Practice Energy Efficiency Projects


Since 2002, Ecosave has specialised in engineering, implementing and funding best practice energy efficiency projects for hundreds of government and commercial organisations. We have delivered guaranteed savings to more than 3,000 sites in Australia and internationally including: Bupa, Primo Smallgoods, NSW Department of Education, City of Sydney, Stockland and many other large energy using organisations including hospitals, manufacturing sites, commercial buildings, council buildings and facilities, aquatic centres, schools, universities and shopping centres.

Read case studies on some of our best practice energy efficiency projects …More


Ecosave are the energy and water efficiency experts with three teams of experienced professionals that partner with you to provide all your sustainability needs and requirements through an integrated service delivery model, including: energy consulting (via Ecosave Advisory); design, installation and commissioning of energy saving projects (via Ecosave Efficiency) as well as ongoing efficiency performance and asset management  and maintenance (via Ecosave Watch)…


Trusted Industry Experience & Expertise

Ecosave Case Studies – Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Using our unique integrated services performance-based project model, Ecosave has implemented more than 3,000 energy savings projects throughout Australia and internationally. Some of our Tier-1 clients include: NSW Department of Education, City of Yarra, Chisholm Institute, City of Sydney, Bupa Aged Care, Telstra, National Australia Bank, North Sydney Council, Queensland Health, Stockland, Charles Sturt University, and Primo Smallgoods among many others.

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