A trusted Energy Savings Company / ESCO and Tier-1 client profile since 2002.

A trusted Energy Savings Company / ESCO and Tier-1 client profile since 2002.

Ecosave is a trusted energy savings company since 2002 with a reputation for being among the Top Energy Saving Companies in Australia and New Zealand. Ecosave’s client profile consists of Tier-1 organisations from public and private sector organisations in healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, large format retail, commercial properties and financial services groups.


Client profile: some of the reputable organisations that have relied on Ecosave for Guaranteed Energy Savings…


Ecosave Client Profile - Examples of Ecosave clients as a Tier 1 provider of energy and water savings


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Benefit from Ecosave’s expertise and client profile in your industry

For more than 15 years, Ecosave has been leading innovation in energy and water efficiency services and implementation of best practice energy saving projects across a reputable client profile. As a Tier-1 energy savings company – or energy services company (ESCO) – Ecosave has developed a considerable depth of expertise as a result of delivering performance-based efficiency upgrade projects for built environments, including Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and Guaranteed Energy Saving Projects (GESP) to hundreds of government and commercial organisations.

As a result, we have come to understand a large range of facility types and a variety of built environments across a diverse client profile:


Multi-technology approach to energy and water conservation to achieve energy efficiency and energy savings

Our engineers instinctively know which Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) or Water Conservation Measures (WCMs) are appropriate for particular environments; we are experts at evaluating the feasibility of implementing multi-technology ECMs & WCMs. Ecosave is a product independent energy savings company which means we do not manufacture or sell equipment, therefore  Our engineered solutions and ECMs include:


Ecosave are the energy and water conservation experts, delivering savings and carbon reduction measures for than 15 years to a client profile comprising large energy users in both public and private sectors…


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How we engage clients as their energy savings company

At Ecosave, our aim as a leading energy savings company is to save money and save resources for our clients through energy efficiency. We can achieve energy efficiency and guaranteed energy savings in your organisation because we will take time to get to know you, your organisation, what the key business drivers are, what your current and future plans are for sustainability  and most of all a make t a detailed review and assessment of your facilities.

We take a long term and holistic approach to energy efficiency and sustainability, therefore we prefer strategic partnerships with organisations to develop, implement and monitor energy efficiency solutions across all their facilities.

Ecosave provides integrated services and end-to-end energy saving solutions including: creating sustainability strategy frameworks and plans, energy assessments or energy audits, efficiency upgrade or retrofit solution design, fixed-price implementation and commissioning with guaranteed savings; ongoing monitoring, reporting and optimisation.

Our core service offerings are represented across three service centres that are fully integrated in all our performance-based projects:

  1. Ecosave Advisory
  2. Ecosave Efficiency
  3. Ecosave Watch


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Ecosave has the resources and capability to be your single-point-of-contact energy savings company, acting as your outsourced sustainability department.


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Ecosave Advisory

As a specialist energy savings company, we have encountered a number of organisations that have taken an ad-hoc approach to sustainability, either due to an absence of a strategic plan or being uncertain of best practice in terms of design, prioritisation and implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). In response, we’ve developed Ecosave Advisory – energy efficiency and sustainability consulting services – to empower Executives and Facility Managers to embrace energy efficiency initiatives with complete confidence on the foundation of expert advice.

Ecosave Advisory is uniquely positioned to identify a holistic suite of ECMs, evaluate the feasibility of each ECM opportunity and proffer recommendations for strategic road-map development; that’s because Ecosave has more than 15 years of real world project experience and innovation in developing best practice project engineering for a Tier 1 client profile. Ecosave Advisory harnesses this depth of client experience and intellectual property to build recommendations for similar organisations seeking to evaluate, prioritise and understand the upsides of undertaking energy savings projects.

Ecosave Advisory Services


Ecosave Efficiency

Ecosave is often subsequently asked by our clients to implement the recommendations that Ecosave Advisory professionals have developed. The Ecosave Efficiency team – a multi-disciplined engineering and project management team – would typically implement the approved recommendation put forward by Ecosave Advisory involving a combination of ECMs in a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project.

Ecosave Efficiency represents a low risk and fast time to effective implementation value proposition for our clients. The Ecosave Efficiency team engages with clients to design, install / retrofit and commission ECMs and WCMs. Our energy savings projects are performance-based which means we take a holistic approach to ECMs and WCMs (i.e.we don’t focus on only aspect of energy and water conservation) and engineer a package of multi-technology solutions to deliver guaranteed energy savings.

Ecosave Efficiency Services

If our Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP) does not achieve the savings guarantee, Ecosave will either implement additional ECMs (at no extra charge) or refund the difference. Stepping up to a business model that can do that for 15 years and stay in business shows the depth of engineering and project management competence in the firm. Ecosave Efficiency develops a solution of integrated services including engineering design, implementation and commissioning of ECMs.

Ecosave Watch

At Ecosave, we also provide a comprehensive Energy Performance Management Solution. Ecosave Watch is a powerful building analytics platform  bundled with energy performance management services including ongoing monitoring and reporting. Ecosave Watch enables Ecosave to validate our savings guarantee and develops a longstanding mutually beneficial engagement with clients. The Ecosave Watch team works closely with your engineering or facility management team to fine tune plant and equipment appropriate to each energy user(s’) profiles, for continuous commissioning and recommissioning.

Ecosave Watch Services

Ecosave Watch allows us to offer ongoing, multi-year guarantees from Ecosave Efficiency. All environments change and given that our Ecosave Efficiency business model guarantees savings we have developed and strongly recommend implementation Ecosave Watch in all Ecosave Advisory and Ecosave Efficiency engagements. Ecosave Watch allows us to continuously monitor and fine tune our clients’ environments to help them embrace change at the same time as maintaining energy savings.



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