About Ecosave
"Ecosave is a full-suite service provider of Energy & Water Efficency Services. We help clients save money and save resources as we design and implement a holistic range of Energy & Water Conservation Measures in fixed-price performance-based projects. Ecosave guarantees savings which means Ecosave clients have no financial risk with their investment in sustainability initiatives..."
Who we are and what we do
Ecosave Pty Ltd is a fast-growing Tier 1 energy and water efficiency provider and Australia’s largest independent Energy Services Company (ESCO).  

Since 2002, Ecosave has delivered guaranteed energy savings projects at more than 3,000 sites in Australia, New Zealand and US. We are the trusted energy savings partner for hundreds of large energy users, who benefit from our holistic performance-based projects.  

  •  Our Mission is to deliver independent energy conservation and resource management services that save our clients money and meets their sustainability goals. 
  •  Our Vision is to become the first multi-national ESCO to offer every piece of the energy services puzzle; to eliminate Ecosave's clients' reliance on polluting resources and support the sustainable economic development of all our stakeholders.
  •  At Ecosave, we take a holistic approach to energy conservation and water conservation, utilising leading edge technology for maximum savings.
  •  We develop innovative end-to-end-solutions and guaranteed energy savings projects for public and private sector organisations.
  •  More than 16 years experience with Local Government Areas (LGAs), State Government agencies and departments as well as Tier-1 organisations across multiple industries.
  •  Ecosave has a strong focus on innovation and customer service.
  •  Our team comprises multi-discipline engineering expertise in mechanical, electrical, sustainability, energy management etc.

Ecosave is a full-suite provider of energy services including: sustainability consulting, energy audits / energy assessments and business case development through Ecosave Advisory; Energy Performance Contracting, Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects™ and Ecosave Services Agreements™ implemented by Ecosave Efficiency; energy management, building analytics, energy procurement and facilities management services by Ecosave Watch.  

  •  Ecosave is a professional-services based ESCO that takes a holistic approach to Energy and Water Conservation Measures (ECMs / WCMs). This means we explore all types of energy efficiency opportunities and incorporate cutting edge technology to enhance ECM benefits for our clients.
  •  Ecosave has a growing team of experienced mechanical, electrical and sustainability engineers including energy efficiency, water efficiency and energy management experts.  
  •  Ecosave is a product independent ESCO which means we don’t sell or manufacture any products or have any vested interests in any selecting specific equipment supplier, therefore our energy saving solutions can be trusted as they are free from any bias and conflict of interest; our engineering-based solutions are fit for purpose in design and implementation ensuring quality outcomes and maximum possible savings.  
Our Experience
"The least-risk and quickest time to effective implementation choice..."
Since 2002, Ecosave has developed a strong track record of success in implementing performance-based energy savings projects in Local Government and State Government owned facilities. 
Our team has worked with dozens of Local Government Area Councils, State Government agencies, departments including: Yarra Ranges Council, City of Boroondara, Maroondah City Council, City of Yarra, Frankston City Council, City of Sydney, North Sydney Council, City of Wagga Wagga, NSW Department of Education and Queensland Health. Ecosave is currently implementing several Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) for councils within the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action.  
We believe our depth of local government experience and technical expertise is second to none in the industry. Ecosave delivers value-for-money through designing innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions. Our technical solutions maximises paybacks / return on investment and our product independence assures you of unbiased, quality solutions.
At Ecosave, we use Best Practice Project Management Methodologies and an ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System to deploy resources, rapidly and effectively, install and commission energy efficiency upgrades.  
Our commitment to technical excellence is demonstrated by our Savings Guarantee, underpinned by our Measurement & Verification process in accordance with IPMVP (Evo.org). We guarantee savings on all our technical solutions - giving you the peace of mind that project savings will be achieved.  
Since 2002, Ecosave has delivered Guaranteed Energy Savings to a number of LGAs including:
Armidale Dumaresq City Council
Bankstown City Council
Baulkham Hills Shire Council
Baw Baw Shire Council
Blue Mountains City Council
Byron Shire Council
City of Botany Bay
City of Sydney
City of Yarra
Marrickville Council
North Sydney Council
Orange City Council
Frankston City Council
Hastings Shire Council
Kempsey Shire Council
Boroondara City Council
Moroondah City Council
Yarra Ranges Council
Shoalhaven City Council
Stonnington Council
Taree City Council
Wagga Wagga City Council
Waverley Council
Ecosave has worked with the following State Government departments, agencies and institutions
Case Studies
Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action - EPCs
Maroondah City Council, Yarra Ranges Council, City of Boroondara, City of Whitehorse etc.
Aquatic Centres Experience
City of Yarra
Waverely Council
Wagga Wagga Council
City of Sydney
North Sydney Council
Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action
Four EAGA Member Councils working with Ecosave for energy savings and carbon reduction
EAGA has recently embarked on a joint Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) program – the first of its kind in the Australian Local Government sector. Yarra Ranges, Maroondah, Boroondara and Knox were the first members to initiate the EPC process. 
  • In October 2016, a Public Expression of Interest was issued whereby a number of Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) had responded. 
  •  In November 2016, 3 contractors were short listed (Ecosave, Honeywell & Schneider Electric) and were invited to submit their proposals.  
  •  In December 2016, shortlisted contractors began Request for Proposal site visits and submitted their proposals in March 2017.
“In April 2017, all 4 councils indicated their intention to contract a Detailed Facility Study to Ecosave”
  • Ecosave completed Detailed Facility Studies (DFSs) at 20 buildings across three councils including Maroondah, Boroondara and Yarra Ranges.  
  •  The three DFSs were submitted to each respective council in November 2017.
  •  The DFS for Knox City Council is presently being finalised for submission to Council.
Ecosave is currently implementing EPCs for Yarra Ranges, Boroondara and Maroondah City Councils
Overview of EAGA EPCs being implemented by Ecosave 
Expected outcomes across all three EPCs for Yarra Ranges, Boroondara and Maroondah City Councils*:
Aquatic Centres Experience
Swimming laps around the competition with deep energy efficiency experience in Aquatic Centres
Ecosave has extensive experience upgrading and optimising Aquatic Centres to be more energy efficient and more cost-effective to operate and maintain.

Over the last decade, Ecosave has worked with 10 different Local Government Councils to implement cutting edge energy efficiency technology and engineering-based designed solutions at more than 16 large Aquatic Centres.

Ecosave are specialists at identifying and implementing energy conservation measures in multi-purpose recreational centres and facilities including: pool plant rooms serving indoor and outdoor heated pools, lap pools, program pools, saunas and steam rooms; gyms, group fitness rooms and health clubs; indoor and outdoor sporting arenas, amphitheatres, cafes, common areas and administration offices.
Benefit from our expertise
Our multi-disciplined engineering team are highly qualified experts with first hand experience in implementing energy saving solutions in Aquatic and Recreational Centres. The Ecosave team comprises Certified Energy Efficiency Leaders/Specialists (CEEL/CEES), Certified Energy Managers (CEM), mechanical engineers, lighting specialists, Pool Plant and HVAC specialists. We combine our in-house expertise with specialist sub-contractors to design and implement custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Whole of building review and upgrades
Ecosave takes a holistic approach to energy conservation.
In our detailed site assessments, we investigate every possible Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) – in every facility and room - that may be realistically implemented in an Aquatic or Sports and Recreational Centre. ECM opportunities will vary from site to site, but some of the common types of ECMs Ecosave has successfully implemented in the past include:

  •  Installation and/or reprogramming of Pool pump Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • HVAC optimisation, upgrades and controls
  •  Turbidity control system optimisation
  • Energy Saving Modules
  •  Embedded Generation – waste heat recovery and utilisation (Co/Tri-generation) and Rooftop Mounted Solar PV
  •  LED lighting upgrades
  •  Building envelope modifications (double glazing, window films, building sealing etc.)
  •  Pool blanket systems
  •  BMS installation/upgrades, fine tuning and analytics
  •  Building analytics
  •  Spa setback control 
  •  Voltage optimisation systems 
  •  Overnight baseload reduction 
  •  Power factor correction 
  •  Pool Energy Management Systems and Reporting solutions
City of Yarra
Case Study: 
City of Yarra leading the way with long term carbon reduction project saves 1,925 tonnes of CO2-e annually.
The City of Yarra (CoY) has a proud history of being a leader in environmental action and carbon management 
In 2014, CoY initiated a 10-year Energy Performance Contract with the vision to reduce the Councils greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reduce their energy and maintenance costs.

Ecosave was chosen as the preferred tenderer for the $3.3million Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The EPC comprised a wide range of energy conservation measures across 18 of the City’s buildings and facilities including: Town Halls, libraries, recreation centres, day care centres, amphitheatres, pavilions and swimming pools spanning the inner eastern and northern suburbs of Melbourne.  

The energy savings solutions implemented for the City of Yarra include:
  • Solar PV (Total 162 kW)
  •  Light fittings and relamping 
  •  Boiler unit replacement 
  •  Building sealing
  •  Energy saving modules
  •  Appliance controls 
  •  Refrigerant additive 
  •  HVAC optimisation 
  •  Cogeneration system 
  •  Building management system optimisation 

Ecosave designed and implemented all the energy saving solutions and committed to guaranteed savings of $224,000 p.a. resulting from 1,402 MWh and 8,845 GJ in reduced energy consumption.
As of 2018 all works are now complete and all savings for years 1 and 2 (of ten) have been measured and verified as accurate against the international Protocol.

As an outcome of CoY’s decision to engage Ecosave in an Energy Performance Contract, the Council is on track to achieve their sustainability targets while eliminating the financial risks and technical risks typically involved in a project of this magnitude. The Savings Guarantee insulated the Council from such risks when project returns were initially lower than predicted. Ecosave promptly reimbursed the savings shortfall and as energy prices escalate the Council’s Return on Investment will be significantly higher than originally calculated.   
Summary of Results
Total Investment
Annual Savings
Return on Investment
9.7 Years
Payback period
1,925 tonnes
CO2-e savings per year
Waverley Council
Case Study: 
Waverley Council riding the wave of energy and water savings
Waverley council is leading the way in energy saving with recent statistics from Ausgrid.  In 2012 Waverly Council selected Ecosave as the provider of an energy and water retrofit project to assist the council in meeting its vision of becoming an environmentally sustainable community. 
Ecosave came to the project with over ten years of experience in designing and delivering hundreds of successful projects including projects for the City of Sydney, North Sydney Council, Wagga Wagga City Council and Marrickville Council.
Waverley rolled the energy saving project out across 11 of the Council’s major energy using sites including:
  • Bondi Park
  • Bondi Pavilion
  • Bronte Park
  • Biddigal Reserve
  • Council Chambers
  • East Gate Car Park
  • Mill Hill Centre
  • Waverley Library
  • Customer Service Centre
Ecosave helped Waverley Council to implement over 50 energy conservation measures, with solutions including:
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades (indoor and outdoor)
  •  Lighting controls and sensors
  •  Power factor correction
  •  Hot water boiler timers
  •  Appliance and pump controls
  •  HVAC optimisation and controls
  •  Appliance timers and monitoring systems

The Council were particularly impressed with their "Cool" new energy efficient air conditioning chiller at Waverley Library. The implementation of this system has improved comfort levels to the users of this facility.
"In September 2012, Waverley Council won the Green Globe 10-Year Sustainability Achievement Award for Council's excellence in advancing environmentally" 
- Nicola Saltman, Senior Environment Office at Waverley Council - 
Summary of Results
Total Investment
Annual Savings
Return on Investment
3.9 Years
Payback period
1,235 tonnes
CO2-e savings per year
Wagga Wagga City Council
Case Study: 
Wagga Wagga Council gains Sustainability Advantage Award
Ecosave has been working with Wagga Wagga City Council (WWC)since 2003 to improve the efficiency of the council's facilities and work towards achieving their 2020 target of reducing their carbon footprint / greenhouse gas emissions by 20%.

Ecosave has completed 4 performance-based energy efficiency projects for WWC on a diverse range of buildings such as:
  •  The Civic Centre and Theatre
  •  Council Chambers 
  •  Library
  •  Livestock Marketing Centre 
  •  Alan Turner Depot
  •  Botanic Gardens depot
  •  Airport Terminal
In 2011 Ecosave implemented a project that was partially funded by a low interest loan from Low Carbon Australia (LCA). This project assisted Wagga Wagga Council to become the first council to implement an emissions reduction project under the LCA program.
These projects have all helped the Council achieve Bronze Partner status in the Sustainability Advantage program and in achieving the Mayors commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The solutions that were implemented for Wagga Wagga Council:
  • Lighting refurbishments, replacements and retrofits 
  • Voltage reduction units
  • Lighting controls and power factor correction
  •  Appliance controls including sensors and timers
  •  Refrigerant treatment and set point adjustments

"These projects have all helped the Council achieve Bronze Partner status in the Sustainability Advantage program and in achieving the Mayor's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions" 
Summary of Results
Total Investment
Annual Savings
Return on Investment
4.2 Years
Payback period
346 tonnes
CO2-e savings per year
City of Sydney
Case Study: 
Australia's biggest city saves big on energy and water at 47 retail, commercial and council buildings
The City of Sydney (the City) is committed to improving its environmental performance under the 2030 Sustainable Sydney vision. 
In 2011, the City went to market for a partner to help them meet their vision, by delivering an Energy and Water Efficiency Retrofit of 47 of the City’s Buildings and Operations, one of the most ambitious of any Australian government. 

Ecosave was chosen as the preferred Energy Performance Contractor following successful Detailed Facility Studies at key sites within the local government area. Ecosave identified a number of improvements to occupancy comfort in addition to significant energy and water efficiency and cost savings. Many of the facilities that were environmentally upgraded are heritage listed buildings including Sydney Town Hall, 343 George St and Customs House among many others.   

The solutions implemented across 47 facilities include:
  • Lighting upgrades, refurbishments
  •  Building controls systems
  •  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upgrades
  •  Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  •  Water saving fittings and fixtures

In addition to the project works, Ecosave provided the City with monthly energy management services to report on the savings achieved by the project and to identify additional opportunities to optimise energy usage. All works were implemented using a flexible approach to suit the City’s requirements and with no disruption to the City’s facilities and operations. The city aim to reduce carbon emissions by 7,000 tonnes per year with energy and water efficiency solutions. With the initiatives implemented by Ecosave the City was 95% on their way to achieving their targets. 

"I recently met with senior property management and I am pleased to say the feedback was excellent. The team are particularly impressed with Ecosave's communications and it's good to see your hard work has paid off"
- Steve Castell, Property Division, City of Sydney
Summary of Results
Total Investment
Annual Savings
Return on Investment
6 Years
Payback period
6,711 tonnes
CO2-e savings per year
North Sydney Council
Case Study: 
Government funding for North Sydney Council facilities enables deep energy savings in iconic buildings
North Sydney Council utilised a grant from the Department of Climate Change, totalling $82,732, to implement energy efficiency savings across the Councils largest and busiest sites. The grant was awarded as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Programme (CEEP), designed to contribute $112 million to energy efficiency  improvements in Council and community buildings across Australia. 

Ecosave, Australia’s largest independent energy services company, initially assessed four of the Councils buildings and implemented solutions at Sydney’s iconic Olympic Pool, Stanton Library, the Council Chambers and the Councils Depot. 

The CEEP funding allowed the Council and Ecosave to expand the project, achieving savings at three additional community facilities – the Neutral Bay Community Centre, St Leonards Park and the Bradfield Wellbeing Centre.
The solutions implemented across all seven North Sydney Council sites were:
  • The refurbishment of twin fluorescent light fittings to a single tube, installing a high performance reflector, maintaining the existing light level
  •  A variety of lighting controls including motion detectors and daylight sensors 
  •  High efficiency lighting upgrades 
  •  Performance improvements to pumping systems and control strategy at the Olympic Pool 
  •  Air conditioning optimisation at the Council Chambers and Library 
  •  Solar hot water upgrades 
  •  A voltage power optimisation system at the Central Depot

Summary of Results
Total Investment
Annual Savings
Return on Investment
5.4 Years
Payback period
255 tonnes
CO2-e savings per year
Why Ecosave

  • 17 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH TIER 1 CLIENTS: Benefit from our experience in your industry including Government, Education, Health & Aged Care, Manufacturing, Retail and Commercial Enterprise. We've implemented a variety of performance based energy saving projects for over 600 clients and 3,000 sites in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
  •  HOLISTIC, ENGINEERING BASED SOLUTIONS: We take a holistic view of consumption across an organisation, finding savings and efficiencies in all areas of energy and water use. The Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) we identify involve a variety of technologies and engineering techniques including: LED Lighting upgrades, heating cooling and ventilation system optimisation (HVAC); embedded and distributed power generation (from Solar PV, co-generation, tri-generation and geothermal sources); mechanical upgrades, building tuning, building sealing, building analytics; controls, sensors; water amenities, fittings, pumping and treatment etc.
  •  100% INDEPENDENT : We do not own, manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to any products. This leaves us free to create the optimal design with the most value based multi-technology package of solutions that are fit for purpose, maximising savings.
  •  SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: Hassle free streamlined management of all your sustainability initiatives and energy performance management requirements. We have the capability to deliver independent advisory engagements, design and implement efficiency upgrades and continuously monitor and report on energy utilisation and sustainability targets.
  •  FIXED PRICE PROPOSALS: The results of our assessments are presented in a Fixed Price Proposal with a single fee for the entire project from start to finish - no hidden costs!
  •  SAVINGS GUARANTEE: All of the savings that Ecosave propose are guaranteed. If the guarantee is not met, we will carry out additional work free of charge, or refund enough of the project value to achieve the guaranteed payback.
  •  FULLY FUNDED PROJECTS: Ecosave offers a range of funding options for our projects, from Finance to fully off-balance-sheet Ecosave Service Agreements.
  •  END TO END SERVICE: Your organisation will be assigned a project team - the same engineers will work on your project from beginning to end through the assessment, solutions, design, installation, commissioning and measurement and verification of savings using international IPMVP standards. 
  •  IMPLEMENTATION WARRANTY: Ecosave guarantees the implementation phase including all of the proposed solutions - if a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix or replace it under the 12 months parts and labour warranty. 
  •  OUR LONGEVITY: Ecosave was established in 2002 and over the years we have implemented more than 3,000 energy efficiency projects for over 600 clients, across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. 

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