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Energy Advisory

Ecosave Advisory – trusted energy advisory partner since 2002

Since 2002, Ecosave have been the trusted energy advisory ESCO for hundreds of leading organisations in Australia, New Zealand and United States. The foundation of our success in energy advisory has been our consultative and client-centric approach to our tailored solutions under fixed-fee, performance-based, guaranteed-savings arrangements.

Ecosave’s commitment to guaranteed savings across all performance-based efficiency projects, stems from our precision methodology, engineering expertise and consultative process developed over 16 years for hundreds of clients across thousands of facilities.

A range of professional services that’s typically integrated into our performance-based efficiency projects, are now available to new and existing clients as independent energy consultancy engagements through Ecosave AdvisoryLearn More




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Ecosave Advisory provides clients with expert energy advisory services: evaluating their current facilities’ energy utilisation, identification of appropriate energy efficiency opportunities; guidance on best practice implementation planning and investment criteria for sustainability initiatives and energy conservation measures.


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Ecosave Advisory – Independent energy advisory and sustainability consultants and engineers

Ecosave has encountered a number of organisations that have taken an ad-hoc approach to sustainability, either due to an absence of a strategic plan or being uncertain of best practice in terms of design, prioritisation and implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

In response, Ecosave created a dedicated energy advisory division to empower Executives and Facility Managers to embrace energy efficiency initiatives with complete confidence.

Ecosave’s energy advisory services are uniquely backed by more than 15-years implementation experience working with Tier-1 organisations in government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and commercial real estate sectors.  Our strong track record of delivering fixed price turn-key solutions with guaranteed savings demonstrates our ability to consult, educate and empower decision makers towards best practice solutions for sustainability and energy efficiency.

Ecosave Advisory assists clients with evaluating their current facilities’ energy utilisation, identification of appropriate energy efficiency opportunities; guidance on best practice implementation planning and investment criteria for sustainability initiatives and energy conservation measures.

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Ecosave Advisory - independent energy consultants and sustainability consultants

Ecosave Advisory often acts as the catalyst for change and makes a significant contribution to business case justification for investment in energy saving projects.


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Key deliverables by Ecosave Advisory

  • Energy Utilisation Reviews
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessments & Strategy documents
  • NABERS Rating assessments
  • Energy Audits
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Payback projections of each Energy Conservation Measure
  • Strategy development
  • Executive sustainability studies
  • Benchmarking energy usage and energy load profiles
  • Identifying and segmenting high use areas
  • Identify and develop list of energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Energy mapping
  • Outlining advantages of undertakinga holistic range of ECMs at once.
  • Guidance on best practice procurement methods

Typical triggers for engagement with Ecosave Advisory

  • When your organisation is unsure of best practice sustainability planning and implementation.
  • When our organisation requires independent evaluation of their current sustainability / energy conservation strategy – either to validate own or create a new one.
  • When you’re unsure of current energy usage and want to identify highly inefficient plant and equipment across your facilities.
  • When you require an independent and detailed assessment of your facilities including a complete list of possible Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).
  • When you need external expertise (and shared accounability) to assist in prioritise ECMs, plan and implement energy savings projects.


Key outcomes of engaging with Ecosave Advisory

  • Business case justification for investment in energy conservation projects (useful for either executives or facility managers in gaining executive sponsorship and budget / board approval)
  • Financial modelling
  • Shared accountability
  • Independent expert
  • Ratification of work to date
  • Blue Sky for future strategy

Why choose Ecosave Advisory

Ecosave Advisory is best in class in energy advisory because it has had exposure to the realities of practical implementation through Ecosave Efficiency. Ecosave Advisory is uniquely positioned to identify a holistic suite of energy conservation measures (ECMs), evaluate the feasibility of each Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) opportunity and proffer recommendations for strategic roadmap development; that’s because Ecosave has 15 years of real world experience and innovation in developing best practice in its engineering-based designs and installations of performance based energy savings projects. Ecosave Advisory harnesses this depth of experience and intellectual property to build recommendations for organisations seeking to evaluate, prioritise and understand the upsides of undertaking particular energy savings projects.


How Ecosave engages with clients

At Ecosave, we take a holistic and long term approach to energy efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, our Ecosave Advisory engagements are focused on building long term partnerships with clients. We are able to provide organisations with a comprehensive suite of integrated services including: sustainability strategy development, detailed energy assessments, ECM planning, fixed-price proposals to design and install ECMs with guaranteed savings; ongoing measurement and verification with remote monitoring and building analytics providing continuous efficiency optimisation and recommissioning of plant and equipment.

At Ecosave, we represent our core competencies and service offerings across three distinct service divisions:

  1. Ecosave Advisory (plan)
  2. Ecosave Efficiency (execute)
  3. Ecosave Watch(monitor and manage)

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