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Ecosave Advisory – ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report’

Improve your  ‘Energy I.Q’ and de-risk sustainability projects in your organisation with an ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report’ by Ecosave Advisory

For over 15 years, Ecosave has encountered a number of organisations that have taken an ad-hoc approach to sustainability, either due to an absence of a strategic plan or being uncertain of best practice in terms of procurement, design and installation of energy conservation measures. In response, Ecosave Advisory has developed a key deliverable (Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report) that helps chief executives and facility managers develop a more coordinated and best practice approach to achieve sustainability and energy cost saving objectives.  Ecosave Advisory’s assessment is an investment grade energy audit with robust financial modelling of costs, savings and return on investment projections on energy efficiency opportunities in your organisation.

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Why choose Ecosave Advisory?

Ecosave Advisory differs from other energy consulting firms or energy auditors because we provide a single-point-of-contact and end-to-end energy saving solution, including a seamless transition between:

  • detailed site assessments, scoping, specifications design and financial modelling of various energy efficiency measures;
  • fixed-price project management proposals including procurement, installation and commissioning of energy efficiency upgrades – backed by a guaranteed savings commitment (Ecosave Efficiency);
  • measurement and verification to and continuous commissioning from data-drive energy management expertise (Ecosave Watch).

Energy consulting firms and energy auditors typically lack the resources and are not equipped to provide such a seamless transition and guaranteed savings through a single point of contact solution. Ecosave Advisory enables executives and facility managers to embrace energy efficiency initiatives with complete confidence on the basis of expert advice and leveraging expertise and years of practical experience from Ecosave Efficiency implementing Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects™ (GESP™) and Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). When you engage with Ecsoave Advisory to conduct an investment grade energy assessment (for an energy efficiency, generation & sustainability investment report) you commence a low-risk journey to achieving guaranteed energy efficiency outcomes and realising maximum return on your investment in sustainability. Given Ecosave’s end-to-end solutions model (Advisory + Efficiency + Watch) and expertise in implementing performance-based energy efficiency and renewables projects for Tier-1 clients, we believe we are well positioned to build a long term mutually beneficial partnership with you and your organisation.

Benefits of an ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report’ (EEGSI)

Ecosave Advisory conducts an independent review and detailed site inspection of your facilities in terms of energy usage and opportunities to reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions. Ecosave Advisory’s detailed assessments helps executives and facility managers to:

  • understand the nature and extent of energy utilisation within an organisation
  • identify areas and equipment with low-efficiency or high-wastage in terms of energy consumption
  • gain a holistic view of all relevant energy saving opportunities
  • review and evaluate pre-existing sustainability initiatives and obtain third-party experts to contribute towards planning future projects
  • share accountability with independent experts and energy efficiency specialists
  • fast-track development and execution of sustainability and cost saving initiatives
  • develop a ‘water tight’ business case to justify investment in energy efficiency retrofit upgrade projects



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What do you get with an ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report‘?

Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report - Ecosave Advisory

Key deliverable I:

The Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment report is a fee-for-service deliverable developed in consultation with your organisation’s executive and facility management teams. The report includes:

  • A detailed view of your organisation’s energy utilisation and energy load profile; data sourced from on-site assessment(s), building management system data,  production data, weather data, utility bills, etc.
  • Detailed descriptions of all Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) relevant to your organisation. Product and equipment recommendations are unbiased because Ecosave is a product independent ESCO. 
  • Procurement costs, economic and environmental savings, payback and return on investment projections (within ±5% accuracy).
  • Guidelines for best practice procurement and implementation.
  • Recommendations on which ECMs to invest in based on priority and your organisation’s budget and return on investment criteria.

The detailed site assessment is conducted by experienced engineers with expertise in identifying energy saving opportunities across a diverse range of ECMs and facility types, including: shopping centres, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, aquatic centres etc.


Key outcomes of engaging Ecosave Advisory to deliver an ‘energy efficiency, generation & sustainability investment report’:


Key Deliverable II:

Using the data and key findings collected by the Ecosave Advisory team, our Ecosave Efficiency engineers then prepare a fully-scoped fixed-price implementation plan with guaranteed savings – a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project™ Proposal (GESP). The GESP™ proposal (II) is presented along with the Ecosave Advisory deliverable (I) at no additional charge. The GESP™ proposal is an obligation-free implementation plan for your consideration. It’s designed to deliver on the key recommendations provided in the Ecosave Advisory report and developed specifically to match your organisation’s capital budget and return on investment criteria.

At Ecosave, our aim is to provide you with practical energy savings solutions that minimises risks and delivers guaranteed returns to your organisation.
We achieve this by offering integrated services and end-to-end / turn-key solutions through our fixed-price Guaranteed Energy Savings Project deliverable.  



How we consult with executives to deliver a report on Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment (EEGSI) opportunities for your organisation:

  1. A senior Energy Solutions Manager is assigned to your organisation and gets to know your organisation’s key drivers, objectives and goals in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency and determines which facilities, and which areas within those facilities, should be included in the overall assessment.
  2. A Draft Statement of Work (SOW) is written and submitted for your review, comment and feedback.
  3. The Energy Solutions Manager appoints a senior Ecosave Advisory engineer to engage with your organisation that includes: site inspection, measuring, analysing and documenting all energy and equipment data for inclusion within the final report.
  4. Draft Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) workshop: where your Energy Solutions Manager and Advisory Engineer return to discuss with you their preliminary findings and get agreement on the final scope of ECMs likely to be implemented in a future energy efficiency project, based on indicative investment and payback projections- a key input that forms part of the final report’s recommendations.
  5. The Ecosave Advisory Engineer writes the ‘EEGSI’ report and is reviewed by Ecosave’s Energy Solutions Manager and signed off by a senior executive.
  6. The Ecosave Advisory report is presented to you by your Energy Solutions Manager and the Advisory Engineer, for discussion and feedback.
  7. At the same time of the Ecosave Advisory deliverable, your Energy Solutions Manager will take the opportunity to present a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project™ (GESP™) proposal developed by Ecosave Efficiency. The GESP™ is an optional fixed-price implementation schedule of works according to the recommendations outlined in the Ecosave Advisory report.


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Ecosave’s ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Reports (EEGSIs) are more reliable than typical Energy Audits.

Ecosave’s energy efficiency opportunity assessment and investment strategy report is more detailed and more accurate than a typical Level 2 Energy Audit to AU/NZ Standards. The difference between an Ecosave Advisory report and a standard Energy Audit is that Ecosave are specialists at  implementing energy efficiency projects with more than 15 years experience delivering guaranteed savings to Tier-1 clients.

Ecosave is fully aware of the requirements of the Australian Standards for an Energy Audit. One of our engineers had contributed to the development of the Australian Standards for an energy audit. Ecosave’s Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessments are unique in that they typically exceed Australian Standard requirements common in most Energy Audits.

You will find our Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessments exceed the requirements of the Australia Standard, which only requires Medium Accuracy for Level 2 audits, and even less accuracy for Level 1 audits. EEGSI reports are typically 95-100% accurate in terms of predicted costs and savings.



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How much does an ‘Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Report’ cost?

The cost to deliver a detailed EEGSI Report varies from site to site and from organisation to organisation. The cost depends on a number of factors, including: the size,  location, complexity of sites and total number of man-hours involved in the advisory project. On average, Ecosave Advisory reports range between $5,000 – $30,000 per site.

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Why Ecosave ?

Ecosave Advisory is best in class at sustainability consulting because it has had a exposure to the realities of practical implementation through Ecosave Efficiency. Ecosave Advisory uses that experience to suggest best practice that can in fact be implemented – rather than an esoteric consulting engagement by a generalist firm recommending solutions that are impractical or cannot deliver savings guarantees.

Ecosave specialises in delivering a full suite of integrated energy services (Ecosave Advisory – Ecosave Efficiency – Ecosave Watch); we have more than 15 years experience with Tier-1 clients and we are the largest independent supplier of energy advisory, energy efficiency projects and energy management solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Ecosave uniquely offers:

  • a product-independent and holistic approach to energy conservation,
  • single-point-of-contact service delivery,
  • fixed-price implementation of turn-key energy efficiency projects
  • guaranteed savings
  • implementation warranties
  • measurement and verification of results to international standards (IPMVP)


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