Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Performance-based Energy Efficiency Projects with Guaranteed Savings.

The team at Ecosave are specialists at identifying, designing and commissioning energy efficiency solutions for clients delivered through performance based energy efficiency projects. Our performance based model and absolute commitment to guaranteed savings is a result of more than 16 years of industry experience and proven methodologies developed across more than 3,000 energy efficiency projects in 3 countries.

Ecosave’s energy efficiency retrofit upgrade projects are custom designed to suit each client’s business requirements (i.e. pay-back periods, return on investment, on-balance-sheet or off-balance-sheet funding, cash-flow positive etc.,) and sustainability objectives. Ecosave’s performance based energy efficiency solutions include: Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (GESP), Ecosave Services Agreements (ESA) and Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).. Learn more

We take a ‘whole of building’ (i.e. holistic) approach to energy conservation measures (ECMs) incorporating the latest technology and fit for purpose high efficiency equipment, including: LED lighting, Heating / Ventilation / Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Solar PV, energy savings modules, voltage regulation, variable speed drives (VSD), power factor correction, building controls, chillers, boilers etc. There are many benefits of an energy savings project when it has been designed with holistic energy conservation measures in an end-to-end solution with guaranteed outcomes.

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Energy Efficiency in Performance based projects with Guaranteed Results

Ecosave delivers guaranteed savings. Our energy efficiency solutions are low risk high return business investments, designed to provide significant monetary and environmental benefits.




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Ecosave’s energy efficiency projects and solutions

Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects™ (GESPs™)

Ecosave’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects™ (GESPs™) are custom designed efficiency retrofit upgrade projects with a single fixed fee for the entire project from start to finish – no hidden costs – including guaranteed energy savings and implementation warranties. Ecosave GESPs™ are for ideal for all medium to large energy users in manufacturing, healthcare, education, commercial, retail and some government organisations not engaged in the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) tendering process… More

Energy Efficiency with Ecosave: Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects


Ecosave Services Agreement™ (ESA)

The Ecosave Services Agreement™ is our flagship funding solution to deliver energy efficiency upgrades as a service. The ESA is a long term ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ performance based service contract; the ESA includes a fully funded efficiency retrofit upgrade project in conjunction with managed energy efficiency services. The ESA is ideal for organisations with insufficient capital or debt financing restraints. The ESA requires no upfront capital, zero debt (off-balance-sheet) and is typically cash flow positive from day one… More

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Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a way of implementing energy efficiency projects for plant and equipment upgrades in all types of facilities and buildings. EPC differs from traditional contracting, which is invariably price driven. Performance contracting is results driven, ensuring quality of performance, energy cost savings and emissions reduction. EPCs are well suited to Governments and have been traditionally utilised by State and Local Governments in Australia. Ecosave is a leading EPC ESCO in Australia, on all major government approved EPC panels / pre-qualified ESCOs…More

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Ecosave’s Performance-based Energy Efficiency projects – how do they work?

All of Ecosave’s performance based energy efficiency projects follows the same simple process:

  1. Ecosave will conduct detailed Energy Savings Opportunity Assessments
  2. Savings opportunities are presented in a fixed price proposal with guaranteed savings.
  3. Ecosave will project manage the installation and commissioning of efficiency solutions from start to finish, following our GESP model.
  4. Ecosave measures and verifies the savings at project end, presenting the results in an Actual Savings Report.
  5. If the guaranteed savings are not met, Ecosave will either: carry out further energy efficiency upgrades (at no extra charge) to generate the required savings, or refund money to make up the difference.



Our Approach to Energy Efficiency

We embrace a wide variety of energy conservation measures (ECM). Unlike our competitors, we do not own, manufacturer or sell ECM products, which guarantees unbiased independent advice you can trust, and specialist designed energy efficiency solutions you can rely on.

Ecosave’s performance-based project model combines all stages of the process into an integrated end-to-end service under a fixed price arrangement with guaranteed outcomes. Learn more about The Ecosave Way – how we engage with clients. More

Ecosave are the trusted energy efficiency experts when it comes to guaranteed results. As one of the leading ESCOs, Ecosave delivers genuine value by guaranteeing and achieving significant energy savings for a fixed fee.




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Performance-based Energy Efficiency Projects  vs. Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Projects  – how do they compare?

Energy efficiency projects have historically been procured using a prescriptive tender model, whereby the client specifies to the market the products or services they believe will best deliver the desired outcomes.

The prescriptive model often involves several different contractors working in isolation at different stages of the process; auditing, specification, tendering, design, project management, installation, and, if it occurs at all, verification of savings achieved. No one contractor has responsibility for the entire process.

In prescriptive based efficiency projects, it’s the client who is ultimately accountable if the costs blowout, if the savings are not made, or if the energy efficiency solutions installed disrupt operations.



Subject to cost blowout Fixed
Client carries financial and performance risk Ecosave carries financial and performance risk


Unknown Guaranteed

Our performance-based-service model offers significantly greater value to our clients by minimising risks and maximising returns. As a result of our methodology and expertise in energy efficiency, we guarantee energy savings.


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Key deliverables by Ecosave Efficiency

  • Holistic, engineering-based solutions.
  • Fully costed scope of works in fixed price implementation proposals.
  • Performance based contracts
  • Multi-technology energy conservation measures (ECMs).
  • Energy Performance Contracting
  • Proposal of packed solutions talilored specifically to meet investment and savings criteria (i.e. ROI, Payback periods, energy savings and/or cost savings targets
  • End to end project management.
  • Measurement & Verification to IPMVP standards.
  • Actual Savings Report

Typical triggers for engagement with Ecosave Efficiency

  • For organisations that have an energy savings target they need to achieve and require a low risk, best practice means of implementation.
  • When an organisation wants to implement an integrated energy savings program
  • For Executives or organisations that are required to demonstrate leadership in sustainability and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’
  • For building owners needing to increase NABERs rating to attract quality tenants and achieve higher yields.
  • For organisations that want a single vendor to be responsible for coordinating energy conservation measures (ECMs) and be accountable for savings results on an ongoing basis with a stringent project management methodology.

Key outcomes when engaging with Ecosave Efficiency

  • Guaranteed savings
  • Implementation Warranty
  • Shared accountability
  • Quality design and implementation: 15 years of experience and best practice expertise

ecosave energy efficiency energy savings projects - ecosave efficiency building upgrades

At Ecosave, we take a ‘whole of building’  and performance based approach to delivering energy efficiency outcomes for commercial and government organisations.

Justification for Ecosave Efficiency

Ecosave Efficiency delivers effective fixed-price energy conservation projects with a savings guarantee. Stepping up to a business model that can do that for 16 years and stay in business shows the depth of engineering and project management competence in the firm. Ecosave Efficiency represents a low risk value proposition for organisations seeking to save money and save resources. There are many advantages to upgrading a facility for improved energy efficiency

  • Performance based efficiency projects offer greater value as it’s an integrated end-to-end service provided by the energy efficiency ESCO, Ecosave.
  • Ecosave assumes all the technical and financial risks.
  • The scope of energy conservation measures (ECMs) are not limited to prescriptive requirements and typically includes a balanced mix of ECMs as far as capital costs versus efficiency outcomes are concerned.
  • Performance based projects typically involve some kind of data logging and measurement and verification (M&V) to establish baseline energy consumption and building performance. Proposed ECMs are then modelled according to baseline consumption data from which efficiency savings are calculated. Ecosave – a specialist energy efficiency ESCO – includes comprehensive calculations and guaranteed energy savings into project proposals.
  • There’s a fixed price for the entire project, from design through to practical completion.


Ecosave not only specialises in energy efficiency solutions, but also provides additional energy services to manage and optimise clients’ energy usage as well as to identify further efficiency improvements or upgrades.


Funding options for best practice energy efficiency projects – How to choose between the 7 common ways to finance your energy efficiency project?


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End-to-end Energy Services and Solutions

Complete Energy Management

At Ecosave, we offer a complete energy management service including Ecosave Watch data analytics and management reporting for continuous efficiency optimisation, bill management and validation services and energy procurement to ensure you are getting the best deal and being charged correctly by energy retailers… More

Independent Energy Advisory Services

Ecosave’s Energy Advisory division offers a suite of professional services to assist clients in developing an energy management and sustainability action plans, comprehensive energy efficiency opportunity assessments and an independent measurement and verification service… More

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