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Ecosave Services Agreement

Fully funded energy and water savings with Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA)

A low risk financial solution to power energy efficiency

Energy and water efficiency makes good sense, the economic business case stacks up. But capital is not always available to invest in projects that are not core business. Ecosave offers a range of funding solutions to help get your project up and running. There are a number of funding options available in the market, but the Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA)™ provides fully-funded capital upgrades with no debt or upfront capital required by the client.  Better still, the investment will be cash flow positive, enabling you to still make savings during the repayment stage.

Ecosave specialises in Energy Efficiency retrofit projects and Energy Management Services. We reduce your energy and water consumption and costs through building upgrades and ongoing energy management services. What’s more, we make your investment in resource efficiency return positive cash flow from day one!

How? We offer innovative financing solutions for our energy and water efficiency retrofit projects, including the off-balance sheet Ecosave Services Agreement.

Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA)

The ESA is our flagship funding model – offering a completely off-balance sheet Service Agreement with monthly payments that can be funded from the energy savings! The ESA incentivises Ecosave to over-deliver on savings, driving your energy and water bills even further down.

At Ecosave, you could get a fully funded performance-based energy efficiency project requiring no debt or upfront capital investment.


…ESA upgrades can remain completely off balance sheet and the monthly payments can be funded by your operational budgets… ESA is structured to be cash flow positive so the savings will be greater than your current energy spend.

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