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Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

Benefit from our guaranteed performance for Your Next Energy Savings Project

Ecosave Efficiency has developed a unique and robust model for delivering energy and water efficiency projects – the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP). The model extends and improves upon the standard ‘audit and install’ approach, to create a fully integrated, end-to-end service backed by a performance based contract. Ecosave will manage the upgrade from start to finish and guarantee the implementation of energy conservation measures (ECMs) and savings – features usually only found in large scale Energy Performance Contracting Projects.

Energy savings projects provide many benefits to an organisation, including financial savings (lower utility bills) and environmental savings in the form of reduced carbon emissions. Each guaranteed energy savings project designed by Ecosave is a performance-based solution that comes with guaranteed energy savings as standard and incorporates a holistic range of ECMs.

How the GESP works

The Ecosave GESP combines a number of professional services into a single end-to-end performance based service model. Ecosave works with you to identify your objectives, business requirements and scope of works. We then develop a packaged solution of energy conservation measures in a fixed price proposal. The entire process is integrated and managed by a single point of contact at Ecosave. Our energy savings project design and savings guarantee is underscored by a detailed assessment of your facilities to establish baseline building performance and energy load profile. We then follow with implementation, measurement and verification and prepare an actual savings report.


Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects - Ecosave

  • Energy Efficiency, Generation and Sustainability Investment Reports

    Ecosave Advisory provides strategic recommendations for energy efficiency and sustainability opportunities in a detailed report following site assessments and holistic review of energy and water conservation measures. The Energy Efficiency, Generation and Sustainability Investment Report is a comprehensive analysis of energy utilisation and opportunities for energy efficiency, embedded generation (i.e. Solar PV, co/tri-generation, biofuels etc.) to save money and save resources… More

  • Fixed Price Proposal

    The price stated in our Proposal is capped and any unforeseen price variations that are reasonably within the control of Ecosave will be absorbed by Ecosave.

  • GESP Agreement

    If our proposal presents a good business case and the client proceeds with the project, they enter into a GESP Agreement with Ecosave. The proposal then becomes the project scope of work.
    The GESP agreement is a performance based service agreement, whereby the energy savings as defined by the scope of works are guaranteed.

  • Kick-off meeting

    To begin the project we hold a kick-off meeting with site staff, talking through the scope and agreeing on a schedule that suits your business. We start on site with a Pre-installation inspection to take stock of any changes in the site since we conducted the initial assessments, and conduct workplace risk assessments. Ecosave will then confirm the scope, engage subcontractors, purchase the equipment and manage the installation from start to finish. Staff are inducted in the site’s OH&S program, submit their safety plans and work begins.

  • Installation

    Installations are commissioned to ensure they operate as designed on site, maximising efficiencies. Operational and Maintenance manuals will be provided with training to the site’s facilities and maintenance teams to help them operate the equipment as intended and maintain savings.

  • Measurement & Verification

    Ecosave will conduct measurement and verification (M&V) on each solution installed to ensure and demonstrate that the savings are being achieved. We use the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to measure and verify savings, so you can be assured of sound methodology. This often involves data logging of equipment before and after the works.

  • Actual Savings Report

    At project end the client will receive an Actual Savings Report that demonstrates the savings achieved, based on before and after measurements of consumption conducted during M&V. Here the savings guarantee comes into effect.

We offer a complete range of Energy Conservation Measures in your Guaranteed Energy Savings Project:

  • High efficiency LED Lighting upgrades (all types)
  • Optimise Heating systems and boiler upgrades
  • Optimise Cooling systems and chiller upgrades
  • Optimise Ventilation systems, dampers and controls
  • HVAC optimisation and upgrades
  • Refrigeration
  • Compressed Air
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Power factor correction, voltage power optimisation and Voltage Regulation Units (VRUs)
  • Energy Savings Modules
  • Building management controls
  • Hot and chilled water plant upgrades
  • Motors and controls
  • Onsite and distributed energy generation including Solar PV, Co-generation and Tri-generation
  • Water amenities, pumping and treatment
Guaranteed Energy Savings Project - GESP

As an independent Energy Services Company (ESCO) with no vested interests in any products or manufacturers, Ecosave remains completely product independent.
We design each Guaranteed Energy Savings Project™ to include fit for purpose equipment that is both quality and value for money.
The Ecosave GESP™ is a packaged solution of energy and water conservation measures designed to meet your investment requirements.
We are confident in our service model, our tried and tested methodology and multi-disciplined team of engineers.

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For reliable service, trusted advice and a guaranteed energy savings project look no further than Ecosave. 
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