Energy Management Services

Energy Management Services

Total Energy Performance Management by Ecosave Watch

For complete energy management services and solutions, look no further than Ecosave Watch.

Ecosave Watch is a comprehensive suite of managed services for energy performance management including advanced building analytics for continuous optimisation of building performance. Our team of qualified experts and energy and water efficiency specialists can help you save money and resources. With our integrated services, engineering expertise and powerful tools, we can remotely monitor your energy usage, manage and verify your utility bills and help find and negotiate the best possible energy contract rates on your behalf…Learn More


Ecosave Watch - Energy Performance Management Solutions

At Ecosave Watch, we take a holistic and integrated approach to energy performance management including, building monitoring, energy performance and operational analytics, bill verification, energy retailer management and procurement solutions…




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Ecosave’s Energy Performance Management Solutions

Building Analytics & Energy Management Reporting

Ecosave’s data driven energy management solution
This powerful building analytics platform was developed to connect to any existing Building Management System and be configured with custom rules and alerts to report vital information about your energy usage. Our energy management team analyses the data and provides you with regular reports including device-level recommendations to maximise energy efficiency and optimise building performance…More

Building Analytics Energy Management

Energy Accounting: Utility Bill Management & Validation

Ecosave Watch provides an energy accounting service whereby our specialists analyse your utility bills, verify your energy usage, review all charges and fees and streamline the administration of your large market electricity and large market gas bills including ‘Ok to pay’ and exception reports…More

Energy Accounting - Utility Bill Management & Validation


Energy Procurement

Our energy procurement services involves a comprehensive analysis of your energy requirements and utility bills and development of a tailored energy procurement strategy for your organisation
to achieve achieve significant cost savings. Unlike most energy brokers or energy procurement providers, Ecosave does not receive any commissions or kickbacks from energy retailers, ensuring you get maximum savings and value for money… More

energy procurement comprehensive energy procurement strategy

Ecosave Watch - Energy Performance Management Solutions


Key deliverables by Ecosave Watch

  • Energy performance management services backed by dedicated engineering team.
  • Access to open source building analytics package that can be integrated into any BMS.
  • Ongoing building analytics
  • Interpretation of data and graphical representations.
  • Monthly energy performance management reports including recommendations for continuous efficiency improvement
  • Energy accounting / bill management and bill verification and validation.
  • Tariff analysis
  • Energy procurement and energy retailer management

Typical triggers for engagement with Ecosave Watch

  • When facility managers require detailed reporting of energy utilisation and efficiency metrics
  • To meet stakeholder expectations on sustainability and carbon reporting.
  • For commercial building owners seeking to measure and continuously track NABERs ratings.
  • When a client doesn’t know their current energy usage and wants to identify the specific plant/ equipment that’s operating at low efficiency levels.
  • Clients looking to establish benchmark or baseline performance as an input to strategic review and investment of plant and equipment upgrades/retrofits.
  • Continuous commissioning as environments change.

Key outcomes with Ecosave Watch

  • Independent verfication of savings from energy conservation initiatives.
  • Identification of additional energy saving opportunities.
  • Report findings to key stakeholders for change management to adopt more sustainable practices.
  • Automatic detection of operational issues with items of plant equipment.
  • Low cost virtual metering (rather than high cost of sub-metering) – attribution of energy values to equipment and measure usage in terms of actual operational data.

Justification for Ecosave Watch

Ecosave Watch allows us to offer ongoing, multi-year guarantees to Ecosave Efficiency clients. Ecosave Watch monitors building environments and partners with facility managers to fine tune plant and equipment for optimal efficiency while maintaining occupancy comfort. All environments change and given that our Ecosave Efficiency business model guarantees savings, we have developed and strongly recommend implementation of Ecosave Watch analytics engine in all Ecosave Advisory and Ecosave Efficiency engagements.

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