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Ecosave Watch provides comprehensive energy management services bundled with a powerful open source building analytics plaftorm; for optimal performance,  maximum efficiency and predictive maintenance benefits.

Ecosave Watch - Energy Performance Management Solutions

Ecosave’s complete energy performance management solution is underpinned by our powerful building analytics platform, collectively known as Ecosave Watch.

Ecosave Watch enables Ecosave to validate our savings guarantee and develops a longstanding and mutually beneficial engagement with clients. The Ecosave Watch team works closely with your engineering or facility management team to fine tune plant and equipment appropriate to each energy user(s)’ profile, for continuous commissioning and recommissioning.

Ecosave Watch can help reduce operating costs and improve overall building performance. At a glance, the benefits received with Ecosave Watch include:

Ecosave Watch gathers and organises precise information from your buildings to support facility managers, engineers, and executives in running the building for increased efficiency, comfort, and reliability. 

Our team collects data from existing sub-meters or building management systems then uses powerful analytics to identify operational issues and anomalies from the site. Issues can be notified to the Facilities Management team for immediate action and are also tracked by Ecosave and summarised in a monthly report to ensure the appropriate actions have been completed. … Learn More


No matter what your current building is and how it is performing, Ecosave Watch can help you find energy savings.

Contact the Ecosave Watch team today to learn more about how our comprehensive energy performance management solutions and application of building analytics can save your organisation money, save resources.

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How does Ecosave Watch work?

The following process is managed by Ecosave’s dedicated team of Portfolio Analysts who use these tools to help Facility Managers achieve better outcomes for their buildings. The process includes five major steps:

Step 1: Import data into Ecosave Watch analytics engine

Our team collects BAS data, facility data, utility data, weather data and production data from existing sub-meters or building management systems. Ecosave Watch is open source and compatible with any BMS type and data protocol.

Step 2: Add Tags

Our team gives the data meaning via tags so we know exactly how each piece of data fits into the overall system

Step 3: Deploy Rules library

We use our extensive library of existing rules and continually develop new rules to convert data into actionable intelligence.
Level 1 rules – Automated fault detection
Level 2 rules – Diagnosis and response
Level 3 rules – Optimisation
Level 4 rules – Continuous Automated Commissioning (CAC)

Step 4: Visualisations

Know what your buildings are really doing
Automatically scans your data to find what matters to you
Automatically generates views on issues detected with automatic email notification
Identify an issue once – Ecosave Watch finds it forever
Convert your domain knowledge to algorithms
Extensive libraries of analytic algorithms assembled to fit your facility type

Step 5: Recommended Actions for Energy Savings

Ecosave Watch presents monthly reports containing graphical representations of data highlighting issues and opportunities for Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), Maintenance Measures (MMs) or Comfort Measures (CMs).

We track each recommended action until implemented or closed.


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Data Driven Energy Management & Building Optimisation with Ecosave Watch

Ecosave Watch enables automated optimisation of equipment function to ensure that it runs at its smartest settings at all times.


Ecosave Watch Transforms Data into Value

Ecosave Watch streamlines your data, giving you access to information that is uniquely important to creating value for your business. Your personalised dashboard automatically notifies you when it detects operational issues and highlights the specific source of the problem in the alert.
Forget manually hunting through pages of reports, alarms, and graphics. Our platform automates data analysis, applies specialised Ecosave rules, algorithms, and your knowledge and experience with the building, to identify operational inefficiencies, equipment faults, and opportunities for savings.

Analytics shows you what matters. There’s no need to hunt through graphics, reports, alarms, and histories. The Ecosave Watch package automatically notifies you when it detects operational issues and brings you to automatically generated views of those issues. This delivers true business value from your data.
The analytics package takes the data from your building and energy systems and applies rules, algorithms, and your knowledge and experience, to identify operational inefficiencies, equipment faults, and opportunities for savings.


How does my building really perform and who is watching?

When a building automation system is first installed or upgraded, it is programmed to operate based on our best understanding of the building and equipment systems and our assumptions, past experience and information available at the time. Without oversight, building performance often drifts away from optimal sequencing due to human overrides and changes in operation.

Ecosave Watch Management services comes to the rescue as an automated, scalable and programmable system to analyse data and produce actionable results, ensuring that the optimal sequences remain in place over time. Ecosave Watch tests your system to see how well it is performing. Buildings are too complex for this to be done solely by humans. There is just too much data, and the equipment systems are too complex. Moreover, each building is different and few organisations have the skilled manpower needed to consistently optimise a complex system of interrelated equipment.

Zoning in on problems

The dashboard in Ecosave Watch is unique to each user. It displays issues, inefficiencies and faults in the operation of buildings and equipment systems, in a clear, manageable format that allows you to identify exactly what the issue is, when it occurred, how long it lasted, the status of all related operating conditions, and even the cost impact of the issue. The amount of data Ecosave Watch filters for the user is so detailed that the user can easily drill down from an abnormal pattern of building behaviour to the malfunction of a single piece of equipment. If the user is not highly technical, dedicated Ecosave engineers can support use of the dashboard for optimal results.

Who is watching to verify that what they are doing is right; that the control strategies were well designed; that the assumptions were correct; that they are still running as expected and haven’t been interfered with or overridden by human operators? These are common problems easily overcome with Ecosave Watch.

Buildings are too complex for this to be done solely by humans. There is just too much data, and the equipment systems are too complex. Never mind the fact that almost all buildings are different and we simply do not have the skilled manpower needed.
What is needed is an automated, scalable and programmable system to analyse data and produce actionable results. This is what Analytics provides.


Understanding Operational Analytics

We have the data and we know our buildings are not operating as efficiently as they could be. The challenge is to take the information and transform it into actionable intelligence. This is the role of automated operational Analytics. Operational analytics automatically identify issues, inefficiencies and faults in the operation of buildings and equipment systems, showing us the way to better building performance. But what exactly do analytics look like?

Analytics aren’t alarms. Analytics aren’t reports. Analytics aren’t simply graphs of energy use. Analytics are results – specific findings or operational issues presented to the user in clear understandable views that tell us exactly what the issue is, when it occurred, how long it lasted, the status of all related operating conditions, and even the cost impact of the issue.

What can Ecosave Watch find to save money for your business while improving comfort and reliability?

Real world findings with Ecosave Watch

Ecosave Watch can be programmed to test your system for any potential malfunction. Each building is different so Ecosave will program Ecosave Watch differently for each building. Ecosave applies its expert knowledge of building and equipment function along with intelligent sequencing to expose common problems. Here are a few examples of common findings:

  •  Simultaneous heating and cooling in a single unit or across groups of units
  • Frequent cycling of equipment resulting in energy waste
  • Lack of sophisticated control strategies resulting in higher (than required) electrical demand
  • Energy Performance inefficiencies– Deviation of energy intensity (kw/sq. ft./degree day) from benchmarks, baselines, or goals, along with time of occurrence, duration and cost
  • Fault detection – Degradation of cooling or heating performance, sensor failures, outside damper stuck open
  • Economisers open while heating
  • Lights or other loads operating when space unoccupied
  • Set points overridden and not changing with schedules as expected; and other anomalies identified

These are just a sampling of common issues that Analytics finds for building owners. But Analytics doesn’t limit you – rules can be configured for any type of application. Basically anything you can think of to test we can implement and apply to past and current data.

Beyond Alarms

Ecosave Watch gives you valuable, actionable information about your systems. For example, the dashboard tells you things like how many hours in the last 6 months you exceeded the electrical demand target, how long each of those periods were, when they occurred, how much it cost you, what pieces of equipment were operating when the demand went above the limit, and how those events were related to the weather or building usage patterns.

Analytics is an Exploratory Process

Analytics makes it easy to explore and test new theories. Attempting to do those types of things in a BMS just isn’t feasible. For example, would you be able to justify the cost of reprogramming the alarm logic in 1000 remote sites because you have an idea about energy waste? With Analytics a rule can quickly perform the analysis across the data from one or all of your facilities and quickly deliver you the results. Test theories, relationships, find correlations and then track the results forever.

Virtual Metering

One of the really great features of Ecosave Watch Energy Analytics is the ability to transform items of equipment into virtual meters. This means we can attribute energy values to items of plant and measure the energy use in terms of the actual operational data.

Understand Monetary Value

Ecosave energy management services uses Ecosave Watch as a tool to help you monetise the advantages of having increased building equipment data. Ecosave can program Ecosave Watch to support billing, demand shifts, predictive maintenance, and operating cost reductions. Sample calculations include:

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To find out more about Ecosave Watch, or to request a free trial, please call 1300 55 77 64 or send us an online enquiry. 
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