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Energy Procurement

Why Energy Procurement?

Energy Procurement services are becoming more popular and commonplace as organisations face an increasingly complex national energy market and soaring energy prices.

The National Energy market is very complex. It’s not uncommon for businesses to receive multiple utility bills from various retailers. This is particularly the case if an organisation has a number of different office locations or facilities across the country spanning various network supply zones.

Energy prices are also rising sharply across the country, so it’s important to take proactive measures that minimises the impact of increasing costs.

How? By ensuring you are with as few retailers as possible – preferably with a single provider – one that can meet all your energy requirements and charge you the most competitive rates.

The challenge of course is there are dozens of energy retailers in the market.

They all seem to claim to offer the best service and price – but how can you be really sure you’re not being duped by clever marketing and not getting good value for money?

The only way to know for certain that you’re getting a good energy deal or not, is to do the following:

This entire process can be extremely resource intensive and time consuming and will distract you or your staff from core business activities.

Aside from implementing energy conservation measures through Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects, you can look to a service provider that can assist with energy procurement services.

Ecosave can remove all this hassle for you with its comprehensive Energy Procurement Service.

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How Ecosave’s Energy Procurement Service works

There are four stages to this process:

1) We build an understanding of your energy profile by analysing historical utility bills.
2) We gather and evaluate quotes from all retailers.
3) We submit our recommendation for your review and approval
4) We do all the follow up and paperwork to finalise the contract.


Why choose Ecosave for your Energy Procurement?

As an independent Energy Services Company (ESCO), Ecosave acts in the best interest of our clients.

We do not receive any commissions from any retailers, unlike other energy brokers that offer energy procurement for a minimal fee, but lock you into long contracts with artificially inflated energy rates with their favoured retailer (that just so happens to give them highest commissions), which means you ultimately pay more than you should.

At Ecosave, we’re different – we take deep pride in being independent, and providing an unbiased energy procurement service that will benefit you in the long run.

We charge a one off flat fee for our service that saves you time, money and resources.

Strategic approach to energy procurement

Whilst many organisations tackle energy procurement one procurement event at a time, this approach limits saving opportunities based on current market conditions. Ecosave provides our clients with a long term forward thinking strategic approach to ensure the best possible energy procurement outcomes.

Maximum savings

Ecosave’s energy procurement specialists follow a specialised and proven process to obtain the best possible energy pricing for our clients. Our approach encompasses all aspects of the procurement process, from understanding market conditions and trends to our strategic approach for managing key retailer relationships.

End to end service

Our services extend beyond the procurement event to ensure that all accounts are transitioned to the new retailer in a timely fashion (avoiding any default charges).
We ensure that the bills are sent to the right place in the right format and with the right rates applied. We ensure you receive EDI billing to suite your needs.

Sophisticated monitoring & reporting

The quality and completeness of your billing and interval meter data has an impact on the energy pricing retailers will offer. Are you making it easy for the retailer to offer you the best pricing? Ecosave’s sophisticated monitoring and reporting solutions ensure high quality data is available for any procurement events.

National coverage

Ecosave operates throughout Australia and our understanding of the different market conditions from state to state and region to region ensures the best procurement outcomes for your national portfolio.

Practical expertise

Our team at Ecosave has extensive experience in all aspects of energy procurement, retailing and wholesaling, ensuring we are well placed to deliver quality procurement outcomes.

Integrated solutions

Ecosave is able to offer exceptional value for money through our integrated solution packages and managed service options. Our Energy Management team extracts the maximum possible value from the management of your energy and billing data through a range of integrated solutions.

Innovative approach

Ecosave continues to innovate in the energy procurement space by developing powerful new delivery models such as power purchase agreements and on bill finance.


To find out how Ecosave can help you save money and resources, request a free 30 minute consultation.


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