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Utility Bill Management & Validation

As part of Ecosave’s complete energy management service, we assist our customers in using utilities at their sites as efficiently as possible. We do this using a holistic approach reviewing key utility information from the site with specialist expertise from Ecosave to achieve optimal results. Ecosave offers bill management and validation services to clients with multiple sites and utility bills. This service provides our clients peace of mind that they are paying for the correct consumption at the correct tariff. Anomalies are identified by our review and verification processes and addressed immediately by Ecosave…More
Utility Bill Management & Validation


Ecosave’s Utility Bill Management Service would comprise of the following elements:

Bill Management

  • Sourcing of monthly electricity and gas utility bills
  • Track and store contract and meter details

Bill Verification

  • Verification of billing consumption accuracy
  • Billed consumption compared to profile data obtained from meter data providers, installed smart meters or actual meter reads
  • Verify correctly charged demand
  • Compare current consumption against similar recent periods

Bill Approval

  • Confirm opening and closing balance of new and previous account match
  • Confirm correct and agreed tariffs has been applied for retail, network and environmental charges
  • Confirm all calculations on the bill are correct
  • Provide you with an “OK to Pay” report on an agreed date

Retailer communication

  • In the case where you has been overcharged Ecosave will communicate directly with the retailer to ensure that the billing error gets rectified
  • Should you be undercharged for whatever reason this will be communicated to you and Ecosave will act upon their instructions


  • Monthly billing specific reporting would be offered to you as part of the standard service
  • Track and report savings generated via the bill management service
  • Generate reporting to support procurement of new Energy contracts


  • Generate savings through identification and rectification of billing errors
  • Identify additional savings possible through demand management, peak demand reduction or PF correction
  • Identify more cost effective options for metering


Ecosave will provide a web hosted service for the Utility Bill Management Service.

Our utility bill management system will automate much of the data collection and reporting related to bill management.  The system is also a repository for prior months bills should they need to be referenced or checked at a later time. The Ecosave utility bill management system will, where possible, use electronic billing which will provide bill information directly from the utility supplier. Ecosave will work with your utility suppliers to automate this electronic billing process. In situations where this is not possible Ecosave will set up robust manual data capture processes to capture the necessary utility consumption and billing.

Smart Meter data and manual meter reads from your sites will also be integrated into this platform to allow billing data to be compared to actual consumption. This will provide a higher degree of rigor in bill verification.

The billing and consumption data captured by the Ecosave system will also be useful in completing the monthly sustainability reporting regime.

As part of this service Ecosave will set up all the reports necessary to verify bills, to identify gaps in billing information or data, and provide an “OK to Pay” report that identify bills which have been verified and are OK to pay.

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