Energy Services: Overview

Energy Services: Overview

Ecosave is a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO) offering a full suite of energy services including: energy and water efficiency upgrades, energy performance management and energy consulting services to help your organisation save money and save resources.


Energy Advisory & Strategy

Energy Services - Ecosave's Energy Advisory Services

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Professional energy advisory and consulting services including Energy / Water Audits and Energy Efficiency, Generation & Sustainability Investment Reports…


Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy Services - Ecosave's Energy Efficiency Services

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Ecosave’s Energy Efficiency Services includes: Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects, Ecosave Services Agreements and Energy Performance Contracting …


Energy Management Solutions

Energy Services - Ecosave's Energy Management Services

Ecosave Watch - Energy Performance Management Solutions

Data Driven Energy Management via Ecosave Watch, Bill Management & Validation, Energy Procurement and Carbon Reporting.


  • Ecosave is an Australian-owned Tier 1 energy and water efficiency provider and Australia’s largest independent Energy Services Company (ESCO).
  • Since 2002, Ecosave has delivered guaranteed energy savings projects to more than 3,000 sites in Australia, New Zealand and US.
  • We are experts at engineering and implementing energy efficiency upgrades across a wide range of facility types for a diverse clientele in public and private sectors including: health and aged care, education, State and Local governments, manufacturing, large format retail, commercial real estate and financial services.
  • We are a professional services based independent ESCO that takes a holistic approach to energy and water conservation. This means we utilise all types of energy efficiency solutions and technology; we do not sell or manufacture any products and have no vested interest in any particular equipment supplier, therefore our energy saving solutions can be trusted as they are free from any bias.
  • Ecosave delivers end-to-end energy saving solutions with fixed price engagements and guaranteed savings.
  • Our performance-based energy savings projects are an integrated services model drawing upon expertise from the Ecosave Advisory, Ecosave Efficiency and Ecosave Watch teams.
  • Watch this video to learn more about our unique business model, tried and tested for more than 15 years.


Your Trusted Energy Savings Partner / Energy Services Company (ESCO)

Ecosave has been the trusted energy savings partner for hundreds of large energy users benefiting from our unique performance based project models. Read comments and feedback from our clients about their experience with Ecosave.




At a glance, Ecosave’s full suite of Energy Services can help your organisation:


  • Full suite of Energy & Water Services

    Ecosave is a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO) offering a full suite of energy services including: energy efficiency, energy management and energy advisory services to help your organisation save money and save resources. We are experts at engineering and implementing energy efficiency upgrades across a wide range of facility types…More

  • Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

    Ecosave’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP) extends and improves upon the standard ‘audit and install’ approach, to create a fully integrated, end-to-end service backed by a performance-based contract. Ecosave will manage the upgrade from start to finish and guarantee the implementation and all of the savings – features usually only found in large scale Energy Performance Contracts. More

  • Energy Performance Contracts

    Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a low risk method of implementing energy and water efficiency projects across a single large property or portfolio of properties. The consumption savings proposed in an EPC are guaranteed for the full term of the contract, usually between seven and 15 years. The longer payback period and robust risk management enable larger energy and water infrastructure upgrades, plus installation of new plant and equipment, including onsite generation. More

  • Funding

    Energy and water efficiency makes good sense, the economic business case stacks up. But capital is not always available to invest in projects that are not core business. Ecosave offers a range of funding solutions, including Ecosave Services Agreements to help get your project up and running. Better still, the investment will be cash flow positive, enabling you to still make savings during the repayment stage. More

  • Energy Analytics & Utility Management

    Our experienced engineers monitor and report on a wide range of your facilities’ energy data via Ecosave Watch – a flexible and powerful web-based analytics and energy management tool. Any pre-existing or new Building Management Systems can be integrated into Ecosave Watch for complete visibility over your energy consumption – which helps us to identify and proactively recommend measures to continually optimise your energy savings. More

  • Energy Efficiency, Generation and Sustainability Investment Reports

    Ecosave Advisory provides strategic recommendations for energy efficiency and sustainability opportunities in a detailed report following site assessments and holistic review of energy and water conservation measures. The Energy Efficiency, Generation and Sustainability Investment Report is a comprehensive analysis of energy utilisation and opportunities for energy efficiency, embedded generation (i.e. Solar PV, co/tri-generation, biofuels etc.) to save money and save resources… More

  • End to End Service

    Your organisation will be assigned a project team – the same engineers will work on your project from beginning to end through the assessment, solutions design, installation, commissioning and measurement and verification of savings using international verification standards. More



Benefit by Ecosave’s holistic approach to energy conservation, fixed-price turn-key solutions and guaranteed savings commitment. Outsource your accountability for sustainability by partnering with the trusted experts dedicated to saving you money and resources.

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