How We Do It

How We Do It

Our Approach to Energy Savings & Sustainability

The Ecosave Way


We offer fixed-price end-to-end solutions and performance-based projects comprising a multi-ECM approach to energy and water conservation; At Ecosave, we guarantee savings!

Our unique approach to achieve Energy Savings


  • Ecosave is an efficiency specialist firm and product independent ESCO. The ECM equipment we incorporate in our energy savings projects are high quality and fit for purpose. Our selection of ECM plant and equipment is unbiased as we are not an original equipment manufacturer and have no vested or commercial interests in choosing a particular supplier. This leaves us free to create the optimal design guaranteed savings.
  • We provide engineering expertise and end-to-end services in investment grade projects. Consultation – Business case justification – Design – Installation – Commissioning – Measurement & Verification – Monitoring – Reporting.
  • We have developed a unique performance based service model with a low risk value proposition – our service engagements are fixed-price with implementation warranties and savings guarantees.
  • We partner with clients to develop solutions specific to their needs and budget, including: sustainability framework and strategy, detailed energy assessments,  building upgrade / retrofit projects with a multi-ECM approach to energy and water conservation, fixed-price implementation and commissioning with guaranteed savings and ongoing measurement, verification and optimisation.


Our core service offerings are represented across three interdependent divisions: Ecosave Advisory, Ecosave Efficiency, Ecosave Watch.


The Ecosave Way - Approach to Energy Savings & Sustainability

How we engage with clients for energy savings & sustainability

We like to start with introductory phone consultations and face to face meetings; get to know you and understand your challenges with energy efficiency and sustainability management. During the Ecosave Advisory consultation process we’ll seek to uncover: compelling events and business drivers for change, sustainability objectives, decision making and approval process, budget allocation,  project financing considerations, return on investment criteria (e.g. payback in years) and potential blockages to successful implementation.

As an initial step, we recommend you avail yourself to an obligation-free,  complimentary 30 minute consultation with one of our Energy Solutions Managers. You may call us direct or complete the contact form to request a call back….Contact us

After this initial briefing, our team will build a set of recommendations for Ecosave Advisory, Ecosave Efficiency and/or Ecosave Watch service engagements, relevant to your needs and objectives. 

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Depending on the nature of your energy savings & sustainability requirements, our recommendations may include any one or more of the following

Typical process for integrated service delivery and end-to-end solutions for guaranteed energy savings

  1. Ecosave Advisory: Following consultations and discovery workshops with executive management, typically either an Energy Utilisation Review or an Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessment is carried out.
  2. The results of our investigations identifies specific opportunities for energy conservation measures (ECM).
  3. The findings of the assessment report includes detailed list of ECMs, recommendations based on priority, potential combinations of ECMs into a large scale energy savings projects, and recommendations on investment and decision criteria.
  4. At your request, Ecosave Advisory will engage with our Ecosave Efficiency team to prepare a fixed price proposal to deliver a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP) ; this packaged solution and integrated service proposal will have a fixed fee to design and implement the entire project from start to finish – there are no hidden costs and the savings are guaranteed.
  5. Ecosave Advisory gathers feedback from you to finalise scope of works.
  6. Ecosave Efficiency: Following approval and sign off, each Ecosave Efficiency GESP is allocated a project team led by an experienced energy project director who acts as the single point of contact for all project enquiries.
  7. Ecosave Efficiency engineers facilitates a kick off meeting with the client whereby the project management plan, schedule of works and communication channels are agreed to by all parties.
  8. The project works are carried out including installation and commissioning.
  9. An Ecosave Watch specialist would conduct independent Measurement & Verification to IPMVP standards to validate actual savings vs proposed savings.
  10. Your dedicated project director prepares an Actual Savings Report upon practical completion of the GESP project.
  11. Handover documentation and post-installation review is presented to facility management and executive management.
  12. In parallel to Energy Efficiency project works, Ecosave Watch will explore avenues to achieve additional energy savings including ongoing energy performance management services,  energy procurement, building monitoring via powerful analytics platform, energy accounting and bill management, management reporting and carbon sustainability reporting.


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Custom energy savings & sustainability solutions with guaranteed savings

Our energy efficiency, energy management and energy advisory services are bespoke solutions developed to suit our clients’ specific needs and requirements. At Ecosave, we guarantee energy savings and all project works come with implementation warranties.

Quality and independence

Ecosave is an independent energy services company – we do not own, sell or manufacture products; therefore, our services and solutions are unbiased and independent. We embrace the best value-for-money equipment that’s fit for use and meet’s all requirements including regulatory standards and budget considerations.

Holistic approach to energy conservation measures

We take a holistic approach to energy efficiency and adopt the latest technology in energy conservation devices and equipment. Our holistic, integrated solution packages includes: high efficiency lighting and sensors, optimising heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), building management controls, hot and chilled water plant upgrades, refrigeration, motors and controls, voltage power optimisation, onsite and distributed energy generation; water amenities, pumping and treatment.

Multi-discipline engineering expertise

Our team consists of qualified engineers with specialist expertise in energy and water efficiency from a number of engineering disciplines, including: mechanical, electrical, solar and gas.  We are experienced in delivering significant energy and water efficiency improvements in a range of facility types such as: commercial office buildings, factories, hospitals, aged care and retirement home facilities, schools, universities and multi-building campuses.


  • Savings Guarantee

    All of the savings that Ecosave propose are guaranteed. If the guarantee is not met, we will carry out additional work free of charge, or refund enough of the project value to achieve the guaranteed payback.

  • Fixed Price Proposals

    The results of our Assessments are presented in a Fixed Price Proposal with a single fee for the entire project from start to finish – there are no hidden costs.

  • End to End Service

    Your organisation will be assigned a project team – the same engineers will work on your project from beginning to end through the assessment, solutions design, installation, commissioning and measurement and verification of savings using international verification standards. More

  • Implementation Warranty

    Ecosave guarantees the implementation phase including all of the proposed solutions – if a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix or replace it under the 12 months parts and labor warranty.

  • Holistic, Engineering Based Solutions

    We take a holistic view of consumption across an organisation, finding savings and efficiencies in all areas of energy and water use. Our team of qualified experts has Mechanical, Electrical and Mechatronic Engineers, Energy and Water Efficiency Specialists, Environmental Scientists, and Project Managers.

  • Product agnostic

    We do not own, manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to any products. This leaves us free to create the optimal design with the most value based, multi-technology package of solutions that are fit for purpose, maximising savings.

  • Fully Funded Projects

    Ecosave offers a range of funding options for our projects, from Finance to fully off-balance sheet Service Agreements.

  • Energy & Water Efficiency Opportunity Assessments

    Given certain criteria are met, Ecosave offers detailed, free energy/water savings opportunity assessments of your sites. And because we offer fixed price projects with guaranteed savings, our solutions must be comprehensively designed and specified. Our savings are calculated to a high level of accuracy.


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