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Best Way To Apply for the $25,000 Hotel Energy Grant ( Hotel Energy Uplift Program )

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the hospitality industry. Motels and hotels are struggling to stay afloat because of the lockdowns. To help reignite the industry, the government is offering free energy efficiency upgrades for hotels by … more

Energy Efficiency Tips For Hotels

Recent COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions have had a major impact on the hospitality and tourism industries. Now more than ever, hotel owners and hotel management are looking at smart ways to reduce their operational … more

How Earth Hour in Sydney Led The Way for a Decarbonised Future

Earth Hour in Sydney was launched to raise awareness and encourage everyone to reduce their carbon footprints. As a grassroots movement, it mobilised millions and united countries to act for the environment. It also calls … more

Virtual Power Plants Explained

The solar industry—and the energy sector more broadly—is changing fast. Virtual power plants are one example of how technology and policy developments are enabling new opportunities. Until recently, Australia focused on large centralised plants, often … more

Australia needs to rethink the design of its electricity market

Australia’s electricity market is unsustainable. Texas shows us why. A week ago Texas experienced a bout of severe weather as arctic air reached deep into the state, driving the temperature down to levels that had … more

Australia could wipe out 80% of its greenhouse gas emissions

Australia could wipe out 80% of its greenhouse gas emissions – all of those from fossil fuel energy – in two decades by doubling the pace at which solar and wind power is being rolled … more

The NSW government has significantly ramped up energy efficiency targets under the state’s Energy Saving Scheme

The NSW government has significantly ramped up energy efficiency targets under the state’s Energy Saving Scheme, which it says could deliver $2.4 billion in reduced energy costs for businesses and households. NSW energy minister Matt … more

Energy Savings Project: How organisations Save Big $$$ on Energy Bills

The global pandemic’s impact on the country’s energy market was an opportunity and risk for most entrepreneurs. Many feared that electricity prices may rise due to the increase in demand, whilst others saw it as … more

How AI transforms Solar Analytics

Solar energy companies have significantly benefited from the power of AI, machine learning predictive models, and data science over the past few years. Climate change and rapidly depleting nonrenewable power sources are a driving force … more

Women’s Month Special: Q&A

In celebration of Women’s Month, we interviewed a couple of inspiring women who work at Ecosave – Tara McMillan (Project Manager, Ecosave) and Swetha Kumar (Bids & Proposals Manager, Ecosave).           … more

Five things you must do before you invest in an Energy Audit

Energy Audits: a best practice guide for businesses and organisations The rampant rise in energy costs for large energy users and the seemingly evergreen demands placed on them by their various stakeholders to reduce greenhouse … more

Spot Trade Market Update: Environmental Certificate Scheme Prices – STCs, LGCs, VEECs and ESCs (February 2021)

Small-scale Technology Certificate (STCs) Price Updates: As of writing, Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are priced at $38.70. They are $0.60 higher compared from the previous month. Compared to last year’s pricing, which was at$37.80, there … more

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