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Coming to Terms with Sustainability Terms: Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral vs Carbon Negative vs Carbon Positive – what do they mean exactly? 

When it comes to sustainability terms and climate change, there are numerous ‘buzzwords’ and phrases used to describe organisations or buildings that are very energy efficient and use renewable energy sources to reduce or eliminate … more

Value for Money: Five reasons why Government organisations should never choose their ESCO based on price alone…

In this article, we look at the five reasons why Government organisations should never select their Energy Services Company (ESCO) based on price alone . When it comes to procuring an ESCO through tendering process, … more

Spot Trade Market Update: Environmental Certificate Scheme Prices – STCs, LGCs, VEECs and ESCs (August 2020)

The environmental certificate scheme prices outlined below are snapshots of spot trade prices at particular points in time (mostly at month’s end for June through August 2020): Small-scale Technology Certificate (STCs) price updates: The latest … more

Protected: Technology Review: Methven Rua Collection Shower Head

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Virtual Power Plants Explained

The solar industry—and the energy sector more broadly—is changing fast. Virtual power plants are one example of how technology and policy developments are enabling new opportunities. Until recently, Australia focused on large centralised plants, often … more

Energy Efficiency Is A Jobs Machine: Local Governments Can Get It Cranking

Energy efficiency is a jobs machine – and local governments can get it cranking Countries around the globe are facing an unprecedented health emergency and economic challenge. Australia, faring better than many others on the … more

Environmental Certificate Pricing Update – May -July 2020

There are four main types of environmental certificate schemes: two established under a national scheme and two under state-based schemes. Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – national scheme STC’s are small-scale technology certificates that are generated … more

Energy Productivity Key to Economic Recovery: getting more economic output using the same or less energy

Energy productivity key to Economic Recovery… Energy efficiency means using less energy to achieve the same outcomes. Better energy efficiency lowers electricity bills, makes businesses more competitive and is the most cost-effective way to cut … more

The Seven Secrets to Successful Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

| In this article, we look at the seven (7) secrets or factors that contribute towards successful EPC outcomes | Energy Performance Contracting is a tried and tested delivery model for organisations seeking to implement … more

The COVID-19 effect: Interest in Energy Service Agreements on the rise as organisations seek funding solutions for energy efficiency

Energy services agreements on the rise as capital budgets slashed due to COVID-19: Operational cost savings and reducing carbon emissions remain top priorities for businesses and organisations as they deal with the financial impact of … more

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