Case Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – CSIRO

CSIRO LED Lighting upgrade for Clayton Campus

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency with research facilities across every state in the country.

Ecosave designed and delivered a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project for the Clayton campus, comprising general corridors in 9 buildings and all offices and laboratories of 3 buildings. More than 4,500 LED tubes and fittings have been installed.

A key component of this project is maintaining clear and prompt communications between contractors and multiple stakeholders on site, which include the Facilities team, building occupants and also internal committees.

Ecosave and CSIRO collaborated well to ensure clear communications between key stakeholders throughout the project.




…We strongly believe in innovative solutions that deliver value to the industry and broader community. LED upgrades at CSIRO Clayton site has increased our energy efficiency and reduced our carbon footprint.

– Lina Juodelyte, Sustainable Energy Project Coordinator

The total investment amounted to $346,413 for the end-to-end project delivery by Ecosave. The LED upgrades at the Clayton campus resulted in nearly $60,000 in annual energy savings. The return on investment for this project was a respectable 17%, whilst the savings achieved will help to cover the capital outlay over 5.8 years (payback period).

Ecosave has many years of experience and success with government and commercial organisations, delivering guaranteed energy savings in performance based energy efficiency retrofit upgrades, including Energy Performance Contracting.


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