Case Study: Ecosave Energy Savings Project – Telstra

Telstra Calls for Bottom-Line Energy and Water Savings

Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company and one of the best known brands in the country; Telstra has a large portfolio of properties including upwards of 5,000 telephone exchanges Australia wide and commercial properties in all states of Australia.

Telstra wanted to achieve real energy savings that went straight to their bottom line and produced tangible, auditable financial and environmental savings while meeting mandatory compliance requirements to improve energy and water efficiency.

Since 2006, Ecosave has assisted Telstra in this pursuit with concentrated efforts in NSW and Canberra, ACT.  Energy and water savings projects have been completed in 187 exchanges within New South Wales and 10 commercial properties in various states.

The energy conservation measures implemented by Ecosave in a Guaranteed Energy Savings Project:


It was essential for Telstra to have no interruptions to their service, particularly at the strategic exchanges. Ecosave achieved this by adhering to all Transfield and Telstra’s requirements and by closely supervising their contractors throughout the project, to mitigate the risk of any interruptions

Janaka Wimalaratne – National Energy Manager, Transfield Services


The total investment for this guaranteed energy savings project was $4.36 million, which was paid back over 4 years from the annual savings of $1,041,859 achieved. The environmental benefits of Ecosave’s energy conservation work are also very significant, as more than 8,000 tonnes of Carbon emissions is saved on an annual basis.


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