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Gas supply crisis averted yet prices still too high for industry

Malcolm Turnbull’s deal with gas exporters last year appears to have addressed the gas supply crisis with more gas now being made available in Australia for domestic industry. At first glance, this is much needed … more

Energy savings strategy to solve high power bill problem

As energy prices continue to skyrocket so too does the cost of running a business or organisation. This is especially true given that energy costs have almost doubled for large energy users. It stands to reason … more

How to reduce high energy costs as energy prices escalate

Many of our clients have reported in recent months they’re paying almost double and in some cases more than double the amount for their electricity and gas utility bills. When you consider that this translates … more

Ecosave growth goals surpassed as energy prices escalate

According to group managing director of Ecosave Australia and New Zealand John Harriott, the company grew 65 per cent in the past financial year. For FY 18, based on projecting the first four months’ confirmed sales, … more

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye

Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye Bill Nye explains the basics of climate change with a simple experiment.

Energy Savings Project: How organisations Save Big $$$ on Energy Bills

Large market electricity prices and gas prices have soared in recent years due to volatility in supply and reliability concerns in the national energy market. Large energy users including manufacturers, hospitals, office buildings, schools etc, are … more

Robin Archibald discussing successes in energy efficiency and rising gas costs

Ecosave listed and growing on the strength of retrofit market By Tina Perinotto (18 Nov, 2013) Energy and water efficiency services company Ecosave listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in January this year at $1. … more

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