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States Recognise Power of Energy Efficiency

State Governments spending more than $1 billion on energy efficiency November 2020 is seen by many in the industry as Energy Efficiency month. Aside from the National Energy Efficiency Conference 24-26 November, as many as Four State Governments have earlier this month announced major investments and policy actions to … more

Ten energy-cost-saving strategies for Pool Operators / Aquatic Centres

Aquatic centres, particularly ones with indoor heated pools, are very expensive to operate and maintain given how much energy is used. Water and space heating can account for up to 80% of an aquatic centre’s … more

Energy Efficiency Is A Jobs Machine: Local Governments Can Get It Cranking

Energy efficiency is a jobs machine – and local governments can get it cranking Countries around the globe are facing an unprecedented health emergency and economic challenge. Australia, faring better than many others on the … more

Energy Productivity Key to Economic Recovery: getting more economic output using the same or less energy

Energy productivity key to Economic Recovery… Energy efficiency means using less energy to achieve the same outcomes. Better energy efficiency lowers electricity bills, makes businesses more competitive and is the most cost-effective way to cut … more

Building a stronger and cleaner post-COVID-19 pandemic Australia with energy efficiency and clean energy

Joint-statement by diverse group of organisations urges governments to invest in energy efficiency: key to economic recovery and net zero ambitions The Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) released a joint statement (25 May, 2020) – Building a Stronger and Cleaner … more

Clean AND Lean Energy key to economic recovery post COVID-19

On Tuesday 5 May, the Clean Energy Council held a forum with leading political, industry and community representatives to discuss the enormous potential of A Clean Recovery to lead Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19. The … more

Five things you must do before you invest in an Energy Audit

Energy Audits: a best practice guide for businesses and organisations The rampant rise in energy costs for large energy users and the seemingly evergreen demands placed on them by their various stakeholders to reduce greenhouse … more

Self-funded building upgrades from energy savings through Ecosave Services Agreement [VIDEO case study]

Imagine if the building services equipment in your facility can be optimised or replaced for improved building performance, greater occupancy comfort, reduced energy costs and lower maintenance expenses. Imagine if such a project can be … more

Energy Conservation: why businesses can’t ignore energy efficiency and sustainability

7 reasons why energy conservation is a smart business strategy Energy conservation is often a highly politicised issue along with climate change, the current energy crisis and debate on the future direction of energy policy … more

Energy conservation projects – how they increase shareholder value and attract corporate investors

New research suggests that energy conservation projects can improve corporate performance and shareholder value as “Socially Responsible Investors” flock to companies with low exposures to negative environmental, social and governance risks. According to an article … more

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