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States Recognise Power of Energy Efficiency

State Governments spending more than $1 billion on energy efficiency November 2020 is seen by many in the industry as Energy Efficiency month. Aside from the National Energy Efficiency Conference 24-26 November, as many as Four State Governments have earlier this month announced major investments and policy actions to … more

Energy Efficiency: the missing link to Net Zero

Governments and businesses can reduce their emissions and achieve their sustainability goals faster – whether that is being low carbon, carbon neutral / net zero carbon emissions, carbon negative, carbon positive etc – if they … more

Coming to Terms with Sustainability Terms: Net Zero vs Carbon Neutral vs Carbon Negative vs Carbon Positive – what do they mean exactly? 

When it comes to sustainability terms and climate change, there are numerous ‘buzzwords’ and phrases used to describe organisations or buildings that are very energy efficient and use renewable energy sources to reduce or eliminate … more

Five Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Business

Is your business burdened with high energy bills? Utility costs are a major business expense that often goes overlooked. Fortunately, there are many energy cost saving strategies and practical ways reduce energy costs for Australian … more

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