Energy Efficiency: the missing link to Net Zero

energy efficiency - missing link to net zero

Governments and businesses can reduce their emissions and achieve their sustainability goals faster – whether that is being low carbon, carbon neutral / net zero carbon emissions, carbon negative, carbon positive etcif they invest in both energy efficiency upgrades and clean energy. For most organisations, however, achieving net zero or carbon neutrality is chief among their sustainability priorities.

According to the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), buildings are responsible for 23 per cent of our nation’s carbon emissions. Buildings also offer some of the quickest, lowest-cost opportunities to reduce Australia’s emissions.

ASBEC has found we can eliminate all our emissions from buildings by 2050, create healthier and more productive workplaces, and save $20 billion that we would otherwise spend on energy.
We can do it all using energy efficiency measures, technologies and smart energy management that exist today, including:

Energy efficiency upgrades

Smart energy management

Smart energy management also extends well beyond the measurement and reporting capability, including:

Having these smart energy management measures in place will:

‘Energy Efficiency First’ – the missing link to achieving Net Zero

In the quest for Net Zero by 2050, there have been considerable efforts by Governments and businesses to invest in renewable energy – Solar PV in particular – as a means to reducing carbon emissions from reliance on fossil-fuel sources of electricity.

There doesn’t however, seem to be as much focus on energy efficiency as there is on renewable energy, despite experts and groups calling on governments and industry to do more on that front

Australia’s chief scientist, Alan Finkel, described energy efficiency measures to save electricity as the best form of energy generation:

…a gigawatt of power not needed because you’ve done an efficiency measure is the best form of energy generation that you could possibly ever hope to have.

Energy efficiency paves the way for sustainable, cost-effective investment in renewable energy and helps fast track efforts to achieving net zero.

The key is to invest in energy efficiency before renewable energy; here’s why:

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