Best Way To Apply for the $25,000 Hotel Energy Grant ( Hotel Energy Uplift Program )

hotel energy grant - hotel energy uplift program

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the hospitality industry. Motels and hotels are struggling to stay afloat because of the lockdowns. To help reignite the industry, the government is offering free energy efficiency upgrades for hotels by way of the Hotel Energy Uplift Program – up to $25,000 Hotel Energy Grant for eligible initiatives and activities.

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About the Hotel Energy Uplift Grant Program

The Federal Government launched its Hotel Energy Uplift Program to support and provide grants to small and medium hotels. The government’s goal is to help hotel operators improve their facilities’ energy productivity, reduce wasted power, and reduce CO2 emissions through carbon abatement.

Hotel and motel operators are set to benefit from the program’s objectives, which includes:

$10.2 million is allocated for the hotel Energy grant program. $10,000 is the minimum grant amount, while $25,000 is the maximum grant amount.


Who are eligible for this grant?

To be eligible for the government’s energy efficiency grant for hotels, you must:

However, pop-up hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfast (B&Bs), holiday rentals, and hotels/motels with a 100-guest or more capacity are not eligible for the grant.


What the $25,000 Grant can be used for?

The hotel energy efficiency grant can be used for the following activities:

Conducting an energy audit is also recommended to ensure the facility’s upgrades will reduce its overall energy consumption. Minimum expenditure for the project must be $10,000.


Best Way to Apply for the Hotel Energy Uplift Grant Program

Applying for the grant directly is a complex and time-consuming process. Rather than doing it yourself, you will find it much easier to engage a specialist Energy Services Company (ESCO) like Ecosave to handle everything on your behalf and leverage its resources and engineering expertise to maximise your chances of success.

Take advantage of our No-Risk Grant Application service and let our team of Energy Grant Experts do everything for you.

No Success, No Fee, No Risk

There is no upfront fee and if your application is unsuccessful you will not be charged. Learn more

There is no upfront cost or risk to apply, so there’s nothing to lose!

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When to Apply for the Hotel Energy Grant

The best time to apply for the Grant is immediately and well before the deadline of 31 March 2021.

We expect high levels of interest in this grant. Applications will be approved on a first-in best-dressed basis. Therefore, don’t delay and make sure to Register Your Interest in our No-Risk Grant Application Service now to get your application submitted over the next 3 business days. 

Why Ecosave?

Ecosave has a strong track record of securing over $1.5 million in grant funding under various programs targeting different sectors. For example, our team was able to secure funding for a number small businesses under the government’s Energy Efficiency Communities Program and assisted businesses to apply for Victoria’s Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund.


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