Who are the Leading EPC ESCOs in Australia?

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An EPC ESCO is a Government approved Energy Services Company (ESCO) providing Energy Performance Contracting / EPC services to various Government organisations. They are generally referred to as ESCOs or EPC ESCOs but are also known as Energy Saving Companies, Energy Performance Contractors or EPC firms.

What is a ‘Leading EPC ESCO?’

Leading EPC ESCOs are those energy services companies that have an established presence in the energy efficiency and energy services market as a credible Energy Performance Contractor, with a strong track record of success implementing Energy Performance Contracting projects (EPCs). Leading EPC ESCOs are generally end-to-end energy service providers including: energy advisory, energy efficiency and energy management solutions to a Tier-1 client profile.  You will find that leading EPC ESCOs are typically members of peak industry bodies (i.e. Energy Efficiency Council) and other notable organisations advocating sustainability and energy efficiency and have a large team of engineers qualified with CEM, CEEL , CES and CMVP credentials.

Who are the leading Energy Performance Contractor / EPC ESCOs in Australia?

There are many companies and firms operating in the energy services sector in Australia, however the ESCOs considered as leaders in the field are government approved ESCOs which have obtained pre-qualified status on a number of Government EPC panels including: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia etc. and successfully implemented a number of large scale EPCs for Local Government and State Government organisations.

The energy services sector, much like any other mature industry, has a handful of ‘big players’ and a multitude of smaller competitors and challenger companies.

Some of the leading EPC ESCOs in Australia include:

The above list is derived from the competitiveness among these Energy Performance Contractor ESCOs in the EPC market in terms of how frequently they are shortlisted and subsequently selected as preferred Energy Performance Contractors to government organisations in various EPC tenders. While some of the above listed ESCOs are large multi-national conglomerates, their EPC ESCO divisions in Australia is a small and insignificant part of their entire business. By contrast, specialist Energy Performance Contractor ESCOs such as Ecosave who are smaller privately owned companies compared to multi-nationals, but are many times larger than their competitors in terms of dedicated resources to designing and implementing EPC projects. As an example, Ecosave has over two-dozen staff in Australia alone dedicated to energy advisory, energy efficiency and energy management services constituting EPC projects, while in the U.S., Ecosave Inc. has more than 40 staff specialising in energy services.

How to decide which EPC ESCO to work with?

There are at least seven tell-tale signs of a Top EPC ESCO:


What does an EPC ESCO do?

An EPC ESCO’s main job is managing technical risk—the EPC shifts that risk from your organisation (where it would normally lie in a traditional tendering approach) to the EPC ESCO. (how an energy efficiency ESCO can help your organisation)

The EPC ESCO assumes the risk that:

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The Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Process


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