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Solar: The Real Deal

The historical business concern with solar has been the lack of efficiency at night and the need to rely on the grid for energy during the hours of darkness.  Technology, however, has moved on. The … more

What Victorian Water Price Increases mean for Businesses

Following the announcement by the Essential Services Commission, businesses in Victoria are set to face a steep increase in water prices but what does that really mean in dollar value? The increases come as part … more

Regional Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

In 2012, Australia’s national inventory emissions per capita were roughly 24.4 tonnes carbon dioxide (CO2-e) per person. Only five countries in the world ranked higher; Bahrain, Bolivia, Brunei, Kuwait and Qatar. The energy sector (stationary … more

University of Canberra scores high in energy savings

The University of Canberra has carried-out an energy assessment of its four storey library building and has implemented an energy efficiency programme that is set to save the university $101,700 per year… Ecosave was contracted to provide energy saving solutions for the facility.

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